Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week NINE winners

I'm in process of emailing the winners, to see which type of inhaler they would choose...

The winners from last week's contest are:

From The Essential Herbal Blogspot witchturtle at
From the Garden Chick Misusedinnocence at
From Sunrose fillynn at junodotcom (I think "filly" was one of our winners earlier on in the contest.)
From the Labyrinth Lori B
From Patti's Potions danelle_27 at
From PrairieLand Herbs heavenlyacres at - Krista
From The Rosemary House:  LaTeaDah (who wants a Sinus Inhaler)
From Nature's Gift: catherine fogarty at (who wants Citrus Smile)
From Torchsong: lauren luttrell at
and, last but not least, the winner of my book, is the winner at Aquarium Bath - n f m girl at gmail.

Thanks everyone for your participation!

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