Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12-A Few Odds and Ends to Wrap Up

12 Days of Christmas Crafting

Whew!  Hope you’ve enjoyed our 12 days of marathon blogging as much as we’ve loved presenting these recipes, tips, products, and ideas.  Definitely lots to think about when creating unique natural Christmas gifts, isn’t there? 

Before we briefly revisit all we’ve covered, let’s talk about two of our easiest ideas, which are:  making a liquid castile hand soap and pouring individual sample vials.  I love to keep a Benchmark Thyme liquid castile hand soap at my kitchen sink and sometimes add a few drops of Rosewood for my skin to keep my hands soft and nourished.  Benchmark Thyme is an excellent germ killer for germs of all types.  I’ve even used it to wipe down my counters and scrub, leaving the kitchen smelling clean and yummy! 

For a 4 oz Liquid Castile, add 10-12 ml of essential oil.  Gently rock it to blend and let it sit overnight on the counter.  Ours comes with a treatment pump for easy dispensing.  Add any oils you prefer, Lavender, Tea Tree, Manuka, Saro, or a bit of Lemon Rind.  With so many individuals experimenting with natural products these days, this is a great way to introduce aromatherapy to your friends and family in a relatable way. 

Our little glass sample vials hold enough oil for an aromatic evaluation.  These can be purchased on our site, as well as the disposable pipettes needed to measure the oil into the vials.  I love gifting my friends with samples of essential oils or blends first to gauge their reaction, likes, and dislikes.  It helps for future gifting or when they need a therapeutic blend.  Then I know better what appeals to their sense of smell.  For friends and family new to essential oil we recommend gifting our 10% dilutions or anointing oils, in skinsafe dilutions.

We’ve featured bath salts, bail jars, roller bottles, inhalers, shower gel, massage bottles, fractionated coconut oil, clay pot diffusers, kaolin white clay, unscented silk lotion, bliss bath, shea, aloe, and cocoa butters, virgin coconut crème oil, natural waxes, liquid castile soap, and sample vials over the course of this series.  For one final day, take advantage of special savings on these items.   Use the promotional code craft12 and receive a 20% discount on all the items discounted in the course of this series.

We’d love your feedback, hints, tips, and recipes about what you create!  Happy Christmas crafting, only 74 days till Christmas Day!


Ruthe said...

I just finished reading the 12 days of tips and hints. I enjoyed reading these and appreciate your time in putting all this together. Thank you so much! Ruthe

Ruthe said...

I just finished reading the 12 days of tips and hints. I really enjoyed this and indeed learned a few things :) I appreciate your time putting all this together. Thank you so much! Ruthe