Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Creating a personal silken lotion with essential oils

12 Days of Christmas Crafting:

We’ve reached our 8th day of blogging aromatic Christmas crafting ideas.  Wow, who knew there were so many ways to share the essential oil/aromatherapy love with others?
Hope you are taking advantage of our special savings through October 12th on aromatherapy accessories for making these fun and helpful concoctions!  So far we’ve shared recipes and ideas for all natural bath salts, roller ball bottles, personal inhalers, shower gel, massage bottles, clay pot hanging diffusers, and kaolin white clay/masques. 

Today I wanted to remind you of our luxurious Unscented Silken Lotion base.  Very often, nearly daily, we are asked about scenting lotions with essential oils.  For years we did not offer lotion in our product line but after increased demand, we searched and sampled till we found the perfect Unscented Silken Lotion.  We do offer it pre-scented with our organic French Lavender Mailette essential oil, too.  It is light and leaves skin feeling silky and soft and makes an excellent facial lotion or travel lotion for the purse or backpack. 

Its contents are quite simple and include: Organic Aloe, Rose and Witch Hazel Hydrosols, Organic Coconut and Jojoba, and liquid Silk.  Yes, actual liquid SILK! Luxurious and pampering, for facial skincare, add Rose, Rosewood, Neroli, Carrot Seed, or Helio Carrot, Seabuckthorn Berry Co2, Frankincense CO2…for hands, Calendula, German Chamomile, Patchouli, or any of our Sandalwoods. 

We offer it in a 4 oz bottle with lotion pump, so for dilution purposes, use a pipette to measure out a maximum of a 2.5% dilution, which is 60 total drops (3 ml) of essential oil or blend added. Please note this is the maximum we would recommend. You might start with a 1% dilution (24 drops, total) and see if the fragrance is enough.   You may add the essential oils directly to the lotion bottle and leave for about 24 hours.  You may also want to gently rock it to blend the oil. 

What I love about the Unscented Silk Lotion is that it works with most all skin types and can be used all over the body.  I’ve found it pretty adaptable with most oils and very skin softening.  Soon we’ll be dealing with dry, rough, winter hands, and silk lotion will be a necessity.  You could also add Harmony, Relax, or Sleep Ease Synergies for relaxing night-time blends.

For gift giving, take a 4 oz and break it down into 1 oz sizes with our 1 oz cobalt PET plastic bottles with treatment pumps.  A set of 3 is just $3.99.  Make your own personalized blend and labels for a gift from the heart.  If you have friends or family with sensitive skin or allergies, try the unscented without any additions.  It stands well on its own, too! (To scent a one ounce bottle of lotion, start with 6 drops of essential oil [1%] and gradually increase up to a maximum of 15 drops.)

Use the promotional code  craft8  to receive a 20% discount on our unscented Silken Skin lotion and/or a set of three 1 fl oz cobalt PET bottles with treatment pumps from today through October 12.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Day 9 of our Christmas Crafting ideas, using our Unscented Bliss Bath, and another discount code for special 20% savings. 

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