Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6: Hanging Diffusers/Little Clay Pots

12 days of Christmas Crafting: Creating Aromatic Gifts with Essential Oils
Day 6:  Hanging Diffusers/Little Clay Pots

Admittedly our little clay pot hanging diffusers are not for therapeutic use but they do bring joy to my heart in little increments throughout the day in my home.  I stash one in the closet doused in Spike Lavender to keep away moths; another is a staple in my laundry room near the dirty clothes, usually filled with Lemon Myrtle or Lemon Rind; yet another hangs near my trash can in the kitchen with spicy Cinnamon type oils; and how could I stand the doggy potty pad disposal area (think dirty diapers!) without Fresh Aire in a clay pot diffuser? 

I cringe every single time I see commercials in print or on television for those synthetic laden scent plug thingy’s (not mentioning the brands but you KNOW what I am saying!).  I’ve gone into some homes where the fake stuff just overwhelms me.  Ugh.  Clay diffusers are not obnoxious, in fact, they are quite cute, and come in several varieties:  Terra Cotta, Glazed White, and Glazed Colors.  I re-douse mine every couple of weeks but you could go several months without freshening them up. 

Oils can be poured inside and a little cork top caps the top.  Each has a little satin ribbon for hanging purposes.  I also disperse drops of oil on the outside (not on the one in the closet) for a stronger scent.  Clay diffusers are very resilient and long lasting.  I’ve never managed to even break one, although I am assuming it is possible.  
I think a nice gift would be clay pot diffusers with a bottle of Holiday Joy Synergy or favorite oil.  Marge has a really neat trick for the holidays: she fills her clay pot diffusers with her favorite Christmas Conifer, Balsam Fir, and hides it within her artificial Christmas tree to enjoy its aroma, reminiscent of her childhood Christmases in New England!  Other Conifers are also great:  White Fir essential oil for our friends in the Southwest and West; Black Spruce for Northeasterner’s, Scotch Pine in the South or a combination. 

These hardy little clay jug diffusers come in a variety of colors (sorry we pick the colors!) including: blue, pink, light green, peach, yellow, lavender, and speckled, as well as the standard Terra Cotta and the White Glazed. From today until October 12th, save 20% on our clay pots and on our Holiday Joy synergy. Simply enter the promotional code craft6 at checkout and press apply. You'll see the discount reflected on screen.

Tomorrow more aromatic Christmas crafting ideas as I share recipes for clay facial masques and introduce a product we are offering for a limited time.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips
i tried...poured a bottle of e oil in and it disappeared the next day...all absorbed. Is that what happens to you too?

Marge said...

The essential oil will be absorbed by the clay..but will continue to diffuse for about a week.. at least that is my experience. It is going to vary by what oil you are using.

Jennifer Prince said...

I have a questions.. if the clay absorbs the oils, can/will it leak out of the stone onto you dash, interior of car?

Marge said...

that's why they are hung.. they don't 'drip' if that's what you mean.. but I wouldn't stand one on a piece of precious furniture.

Anto said...

I have one that is a table top and over time the outside started getting all gooey and sticky, is that normal? I mean, part of the pot is enameled outisde so how is the e.o. seeping through? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

Marge said...

Anto, as said above, we suggest hanging them. it would appear that even tho the bottom of the pot is glazed the aromatic vapors can go through the unglazed part. How long have you had this? We ran out of them years ago and were not able to restock. Also.. I have never had this happen with mine.