Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 3: Making A Personal Inhaler

 12 days of Christmas: Creating Aromatic Gifts with Essential Oils

I hope you are being inspired to create aromatically during this series of posts.  At Nature’s Gift we are fortunate to have so many clients who have become friends over the years and who share our passion for aromatherapy!  We learn from you every day and appreciate the hints, tips, and ideas you give us for recipes and therapeutic blends. 

Now I love our Personal Inhalers, not just because they look like colorful expensive lipsticks, but because they are purse sized, and so practical when you are out and about! I like to keep Blue Tansy nearby for allergies and the inhalers make it possible to always have it near without fear of leakage or getting messy blue inky oil on my clothes.  Also, it is just not feasible to carry essential oil bottles in my bag, pocket, or purse.  Solution: Deluxe Personal Inhaler OR Plastic Inhaler Blank.  Voila! 

Our inhalers come with detailed instructions and are easy to assemble and fill.  Deluxe Inhalers contain a glass vial filled with a cotton insert. A mini-pipette accompanies it for filling the little open holes on top, saturating the cotton with your favorite essential oil or blend. The aroma should remain fresh and viable for several months.  It can be refreshed at anytime though.
The included pipette fills (and refreshes) the container through the holes of the inhaler.
 The aromatic possibilities are nearly endless for deluxe personal inhalers: 
  • a favorite or well-loved scent (for me Fragonia ™ or Patchouli)
  • a synergy such as Focus for students or Sleep Ease, Relax, Harmony, Meditation
  • a therapeutic essential oil like Peppermint for headaches
  • a therapeutic blend such as Sine Ease or Flu Foil
  • a natural perfume blend, thinking White Blossoms (Jasmine, Neroli, Bergamot), Rosy Dreams (Rose and Vanilla), Blue Lotus Infusion…Mmmmm….or design your own!
Keep in mind we do not recommend trying to open the Deluxe Personal Inhalers as they are sealed tightly. We’ve never been able to make one of these leak! 3 1/8 inches long, Deluxe Personal Inhalers have a sleek metallic look and are available in Light Silver, Pewter, Magenta, Green, Burgundy, and Black.
One thing to note, sometimes I personally prefer the plastic inhalers for therapeutic use like colds or the sniffles and think of them kinda like toothbrushes…with an expiration date, due to germs, etc. after a time.  These white plastic inhaler blanks also come with detailed instructions for easy assembly but it is basically a nasal inhaler with a cotton wick-like insert. 

Please follow all safety precautions for the oil you select and provide clear labeling of contents for the user’s reference.  Hint: for a longer lasting blend, dilute the essential oil with a few drops of a carrier such as Jojoba Oil before filling inhaler.

Deluxe Personal Inhalers and Plastic Inhaler Blanks are available at a 20% discount until October 12th, Use the promotional code craft3 at checkout.  (Please note, the Deluxe POCKET Inhalers, with the empty glass container are not  included in this sale.)

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