Friday, December 9, 2016

Cold Sores?

Just was asked this question again, so thought I need to put this Mondays with Marge discussion in a more permanent location.
"Hi Marge, my sister gets cold sores on her lips, she has a good one going right now, do you have a good oil recommendation?"

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Several thoughts...

Jane Buckle always taught the same blend folks use for shingles for ANY sort of herpes outbreak... (and cold sores are herpes simplex) ie, a STRONG dilution of EITHER Ravensara aromatica OR Ravintsara in a base of Calophyllum ino
phyllum, the same blend we use for Shingles.

Our Christi SWEARS by our Melissa 10% dilution, and my youngest child, Jackson, stocks up on our Melissa Calendula Lip Balm. This always surprises me because years ago someone ( I forget who!)
taught me that the antiviral components in Melissa (aka Lemon Balm) are water soluble and come across in a tea or decoction, but not in the distilled oil. But quite obviously whoever taught me that never told our Melissa essential oil that it would be of no use.

Another thought, from Kathy Duffy, my CCAP instructor... in the module when we studied Tea Tree oil... as soon as you feel the tingle coming.. when you KNOW there's going to be a cold sore, but it's not even a bump yet, put NEAT Tea Tree oil on it... every 15 minutes or so. Use a Qtip to apply it. She says if you catch it in time, often it will go away with no further treatment. If you have not avoided it completely, though, once the "bump" starts to swell a bit, start diluting the tea tree oil down. I want to say she said to 50% or 25%... and keep applying. IF the sore does fully form and break open, then apply a much lower dilution to avoid the risk of sensitization.

so there are all sorts of "expert opinions" on this one.

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