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We're taking a break from Monday's With Marge during the Holiday season, but I've been browsing the November postings and finding some questions and answers worth saving.

Hi Marge! I would like to do a warm compress, but I have hesitated because I am not sure I understand the proper way to do one. Do you dilute the oils before adding them to the water to soak the towel? Could you please explain this for me? 
Cool Compress for a Headache

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Jennifer, a warm compress is a traditional nursing method... and can be one of the most comforting methods for pain relief.

To use an essential oil compress.. from our website and my book... "Compress: Excellent for topical application to ease pain, from strained muscles, menstrual cramps, etc. Add 4 to 7 drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water. Swish the surface of the water with a cloth, wring out, apply to area, repeat when cloth cools. You may cover the warm cloth with a sheet of plastic and a towel to keep the warmth in longer. This is an excellent method for treating painful menstrual cramps."

For a baby or toddler with an earache or teething pain, use just one or two drops of essential oil or blend, cover your shoulder with plastic wrap, put the wrung out compress on your shoulder and snuggle the wee one against the warm compress. Your body heat will help keep it warm. I remember Kathy Duffy teaching this during our CCAP course when we were covering... I forget if it was Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile... one of the "baby safe" oils---A wonderful loving way to sooth a wee one in pain.

You can do the same thing with cold water, for a cold compress, when icing is appropriate. From last week's newsletter, when Haly's husband had a LOT of teeth pulled: "She applied compresses of Helichrysum oil in cold water to his face when he would allow it, as well as spraying cold heli hydrosol on his face, as well as in his mouth." Easy peas-y... you do NOT dilute in a carrier, you add the drops of EO directly to the warm water and 'swish." Now, obviously you are going to use gentle oils, relaxants, not the strong irritants. Make sense? Try a warm compress of Sweet Marjoram and Clary Sage for menstrual cramps... you'll wonder why you waited so long to try it.

"Thank you for the info. I was not sure if a compress was falling into the neat category and wanted to make sure how to do it correctly. Thank you so much."

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Jennifer, compresses are wonderful. Now, for example, with my Lavender allergy, I would never use a compress with Lavender, any more than I would apply even diluted Lavender topically.. but with that caveat... avoid the irritants, the 'hot' oils.. it's not something you would use on a regular basis, but it is a WONDERFUL method when the circumstances are right.    Expand your aromatic horizons and try one next time there is pain to deal with.

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