Thursday, December 29, 2016

Daily Use?

Geno asked, "What is your opinion on daily use of eo's?"

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy "that depends."

There are too many questions in my mind for me to give an answer. What oils, and why? How used? At what dilution?

So.. since I can't address someone ELSE's "daily use" without knowing who/how/what/why, I'll describe how some of us at Nature's Gift tend to use the oils.

And the answer is, only when necessary.

We'll start with me. Because we are under an Air Quality alert because of the wildfires burning to our South East I have been using my Deep Breath inhaler two or three times a day since perhaps Friday.
(I am also using the prescribed COPD inhaler and using the (also prescribed) oxygen a few hours each day.) IF I wake up in the night and something hurts, I will rub on some That's Better. If bothered by insomnia I will probably put a few drops of something sedating in the Aroma Stone on my bed table.

If I feel like "I'm coming down with something" I'll either do a really INTENSIVE diffusion of some antivirals, a conifer, some Fragonia
™, perhaps.. whatever comes to mind. Again, only when needed. This is also a time that I might reach for some "aromatic medicine"... remedies taught in Mark Webb's course... dose specific for a specific goal.  (I'll also be loading up with Elderberry, Fire Cider and other natural remedies.)

I'm more apt to use an unscented base for skincare than using the oils ... unless there's some first aid necessary.. Heli for a bruise or burn, etc. Hydrosols for skincare and for emotional uses.

If the house smells like wet dog, or last night's dinner I might spray some Fresh Aire spray, or diffuse a tiny bit of Fresh Aire or a conifer... but if the weather allows I'd rather just open the windows.

Of course, I am totally immersed in airborne aromatic molecules at least five days a week. Because of that, I tend not to catch whatever is going around.

OH.. at about once a week or so.. there is rose oil in my bath... just for pleasure of it. And if we DO end up making some lip balms with cocoa and/or coffee and perhaps some Calendula for color and skin healing.. I might snag one of them. so that would be daily use... at an extremely low level.

I discussed this question with Christi. She doesn't diffuse at home because she has a bird. She'll occasionally use some Orange Oil to clean up grease. (me too!).. she will spot treat with skin care oils. I think overall she uses fewer oils than I do on a daily basis.. She normally wears a bit of our aged Sweet Patchouli on her wrists, for sheer pleasure. This week she has been wearing Vetiver and Rose, for sheer pleasure. She uses SkeeterBeater when working in the yard, and Blue Tansy for allergy flare ups.

Again, very conservative use.

I don't know of any professionals in the field who use the oils "just because."

Does this answer your question?
Geno: "Absolutely. Perfect. I was under the impression less was more, but wanted a professional confirmation. Thank you."

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy  Geno, YES. as a daily rule, less is more. There is a time and place for 'intensive use" but not routinely, as taught by some suppliers. sorry.. had to add that!
After thought. It just occurred to me that this question ties in with my safety mantra, "Anything powerful enough to heal is powerful enough to do harm."  So if the oils are, as I believe powerful healing substances,  it shows great disrespect for their powers to use them "just because." 


Aneah said...

My first thought was - skincare - that's a daily use. I didn't see that listed, but since I know you sell wonderful skincare products, I'm assuming yes!

Marge said...

but consider how very low the dilution is in skincare products.. well under 1%... and we don't use the same products every day.

mmallick said...

So do you recommend not using the Cleooatra's Secret products daily? I'm thinking of the cleanser, toner, and moisturizing cream. I've been using them all twice daily.

mmallick said...

Do you recommend not using the Cleopatra's Secret products daily? I have been using the cleansing cream, toner, and moisturizing cream twice a day.

Marge said...

With ANY aromatic product we recommend taking 'breaks' from it. Use it for 10 days or two weeks, then take a few days away... perhaps use unfragranced products, (our Nature's Gift Cleanser, a hydrosol of your choice for a toner.. perhaps some Squalane or Apricot Kernel or one of the choices from our Mature Skin sampler for moisturizing? and then come back to the Cleo's products all fresh and new.