Monday, September 14, 2009

Gateway to the West

Some of you know that I'm taking the first vacation in more years than I can count. Yesterday morning we packed the car with far too many suitcases - but probably forgot something we'll desperately need. Last night found us in Boonville, Missouri (home of Celestial Aromatherapy's Anni Harmon) We're going to visit Anni later this morning and I hope to have pictures of her shop or farm, or both.

Yesterday we crossed the Mississippi at St. Louis. First time I've seen the crossing in daylight. I had been told I had to see the Gateway Arch. Now I know why. It was stunning, breathtaking, almost magical. And too tall to fit in my camera!
Now, folks, you have to remember I'm a city girl. I think I could easily fall in love with small towns in rural Missouri! As a city girl, though, I had no idea that the restaurants would all be closed at six o'clock on a Sunday evening. I think I know why Anni loves Boonville. Main Street is charming, and old fashioned and lovely. Not a Wallyworld in sight.
Missouri law must allow Casinos! (I live in a state where gambling is illegal, and really had to resist the lore of the slot machines. Learned almost 40 years ago that I will keep putting money in them until it's all gone!)
For reasons unknown, BellSouth, which normally handles all my OUTBOUND email, is refusing to acknowledge the same logon that works beautifully from the office or my home. If I owe you email, it may be two weeks before I can send it!

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