Monday, September 14, 2009

In the heart of Boonville

On Main Street, in Boonville MO, is a delightful little shop named "Celestial Body"
My friend Anne Harmon has an exotic collection of imports from India, and a lovely collection of handcrafted aromatherapy lotions, creams, infused oils, customized aromatherapy blends... and a massage room, a reflexology room, even an aromatherapy steam cabinet for the ultimate in detoxing. I envy her the blending bar - something we never managed to create when we had our shop.

We had lots of fun playing "scratch and sniff" with some of her creams, lotions, and hydrosols that I'd not tried yet; discussing sources for essential oils, and just generally doing the kind of "shoptalk" that those who love and work with the oils get to indulge in when we meet a kindred spirit.

Anni has created an oasis of natural healing in the middle of central Missouri.

After our visit, her husband Wayne was generous enough to take us out to Starr Pines, the organic Christmas tree farm where Anni raises and distills the herbs that star in her hydrosol collection. But those pictures are grist for another post.

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