Monday, September 21, 2009

Train ride!

We spent a lazy weekend. On Saturday we were bound and determined to visit Royal Gorge...a thousand foot deep gorge in the mountains near Canon City, with the worlds highest suspension bridge...that people actually walk across. After our experience with Pike's Peak, neither one of us were up to walking across a 1000 foot high bridge, so we chose the easy way, a trainride through the bottom of the gorge. The old single line track parallels the Arkansas river...rafters and kyakers waved, and we waved back. The ride skirted wonderful vistas, this shot shows some "Miners Candle" - the upright plant - in the front. I'm told that the foliage is soft and 'furry'... natives and early settlers used it for baby diapers, toilet tissue, etc, and the tall spires were dipped in tallow or wax to light the way into the mines. Behind you see the ubiquitous Rabbit Brush, and, I think, a cottonwood tree.

YES, I'm glad we didn't try to cross that bridge!

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