Friday, September 18, 2009

On The Road Again

Sorry for the 'time lapse'... Some evenings I've not had internet access, and some evenings I've been too overwhelmed (and exhausted!) to type! Or look at photos. Anyway... after leaving Boonville we headed west on Highway 70, through the rest of Missouri (which I fell in love with) and Kansas. Which I'm afraid I didn't. Missouri was green and rich and lush. Fields of thriving soybeans and corn (Monsanto heaven?) while perhaps the season was over in Kansas. We were almost out of the state before I could find the "fields of amber grain" that I wanted to shoot, and, turned out, they were really fields of russet Milo... but at least they were growing. Perhaps all the others had been harvested? (My apologies to our friends in Kansas; I am sure parts of the state are beautiful, but not the parts we traveled.)
Eastern Colorado was almost indistinguisable from Kansas, until:

Yes...those dark clouds on the horizon are the Rockies. We drove south to Canon City, to visit my friend's family. The next day, headed for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, we chose a "scenic route" called Phantom Canon Road. Probably 50 miles as the bird flies, but a good three hours drive, punctuated, of course, by stops for "Photo Ops" and ohhhs and ahhhhs. Some of the photo ops:

Bright sunshine, windy steep roads (the car going up has the right of way, because there's mostly not room to pass.) And breathtaking views.

My camera doesn't show depth well, the stream was, perhaps, 1000 feet below us.What I loved most about this last shot was the tenacity... a tiny bloom growing from near solid rock. I had to salute its spirit.
My apologies for the lack of aromatics in this blog post... there will be some, in the future.

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