Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Adverse Reaction

This time on a child:

Here is another example of the type of reports being collected. This one on a 5 year old coming down with a cold and had the start of a cough. Please report any adverse effects to our database here: http://atlanticinstitute.com/injury-reporting/

The mother reported:

Initial application of undiluted blend size of golf ball resulted in five year old child suffering from an itchy rash that entirely covered her upper torso - from shoulder to shoulder and down to her abdomen. Within three days, the itching went from intermittent to non-stop requiring medical intervention.

The Mom used the oils neat at the advice of other users/distributors. “Everyone told me the oils were pure enough to use neat, the suggestion of diluting oils is never mentioned, because, you know, these oils are \"just that pure\". I never knew that you cannot use a blend with lemongrass in it on a child, because everyone suggested it and others have done it.

When I contacted people on the support group about her reaction, I was told it was a detox reaction, mainly because my daughter has been routinely vaccinated from birth. 

To help the situation some suggested I use some oils to help with the rash and to continue the detox my 5 year old. I followed what I thought was learned advice and did as they suggested, because I was desperate for ANYTHING that would end her misery! 

One of the suggestions was to use Peppermint, neat, because it would stop the itching. It only made things worse. Within an hour or so of applying the peppermint, the itching became non-stop and unbearable and we had to take her to the Pediatrician that afternoon for medication.”

Please help collect such stories to show us what is really happening out there in terms of bad advice. 


EponaRae said...

This is just horrific; that poor child! How much suffering will occur before these unscrupulous profiteers are exposed? How much remorse will the unwitting be forced to carry?
I am a little beside myself right now--only hoping that the beautiful and precious gift of eo's is not lost to us all before this is all over, and that those who have been wounded will get the support and healing they deserve. May it be so.

Jo Harris said...

Thank you Marge for this post. I live in Turkey and these essential oil distributors are gaining a foothold in the market here and I am getting many people saying to me...you mean I can't put it directly onto the skin??? But I was told that I could. Really? Is it just about money making?

Nicolé Thompson said...

OMG... PEPPERMINT to cure a LEMONGRASS burn???!!!!! That's just absolutely crazy!!!

Rachel said...

I think some people just aren't informed by think that they are. Plus some kids are more sensitive than others. Many oils will tell you in the bottle to dilute so people should do as the bottle says. By the way, if you have an irritation I think you are supposed to apply a pure oil like olive oil not water as it makes it worse? Isn't that correct? When I wash my hands with soap and water I have to wash them several times before I lose the smell of the oils.

pokenana said...

I am an RN and can tell you that we must educate, educate, educate others! This is the kind of experience that quackwatch (medical mafia) will collect and use against people who use essential oils. All they need is very few experiences of people having acute or anaphylactic allerrgic reactions to put it into a category requiring a prescription,banning import, or requiring only that medical professionals can use it. I know this sounds extreme, but it is very real for some of us. Everytime you see someone interested in using essential oils, educate them! Thank you.