Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fragrant Friday - for him!

Years ago one of my mentors was a leader in the online soap and toiletries community.  Janice shared her experience with so many of us.  

One of her gifts was perfumery. She did not consider herself a perfumer, but she created wonderful blends for soaps, creams, balms, solid perfumes.

I just came across an email from her, dated 1999 containing some blends that we must have been discussing.

"Here are those scent recipes:

6 Rose Absolute
4 Sandalwood (She wrote Mysore, but I am going to substitute Tamil Nadu)
2 Tobacco Absolute (She wrote Tobacco CO2, but I don't know of anyone producing that today, so I am substituting the Absolute.)
3 Lime
2 Bay
2 Sandlewood
1 Tobacco

Hope you like them

I have no idea what these were FOR... but they are obviously masculine and absolutely wonderful. Definitely "follow him home" fragrances.

Perhaps an after shave splash... dissolve the fragrant blend in some high proof vodka, add water.  Perhaps a soothing skin balm?  Perhaps a perfumed oil?   Or....I wonder what feeling they would give a room if diffused?  

Experiment, and enjoy.  My friend Janice has been gone for several years now. I'm glad I found this gift from her today.

For more suggestions on what do with the blends, please check out our "how to use essential oils" file.

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