Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monster Spray

My daughter sent me this photo, with the comment:

You should make something like this with a sleepy time blend.  It would have helped me I think - with or without the aromatherapy."
I reminded her that when she was of the age to need it, I knew nothing about aromatherapy. 
But I am reminded how many of our clients have made their own "Monster Sprays" for their wee ones using our safe, gentle Hydrosols.
Lavender or Roman Chamomile both help to calm and induce sleep.
Neroli is the specific for anxiety. When Debbie G's Alexandra complained about butterflies in her tummy on the way to school, Debbie gave her some 'butterfly spray"... Neroli Hydrosol.
Being able to take their own action to banish the monsters under the bed or in the closet,  or the butterflies in the tummy, is so very empowering to a child, and the gentle hydrosols are the perfect introduction to the healing art of aromatherapy.
Read about these and other hydrosols uses on our Hydrosol page.


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