Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hops and Depression?

"I've read from a few sources that Hops oil is contraindicated for depression, do you have any knowledge about this that you could share?   Would the same apply to the CO2? Why would it be contraindicated?

{From what I've read, the contraindication is because it is sedative ... but there are many
Hops Blossoms
other oils that are sedatives and don't carry the same contraindication or are even said to be helpful during depression. }

This gets complicated.  I've checked Robert Tisserand's book for Hops EO and he shows no contraindications, medication reactions, etc.

So I would want to know first what component is said to put the oil on a 'contraindicated" list. Then we would have to check and see if that component is present in whichever CO2 extract that you use. (there are several, produced for different purposes/end uses.)

Now, I am thinking,  since Hops EO is supposed to be sedating, as is Valerian, as is Spikenard,  as is Lavender, as is a long list of other oils,  and "oversleeping" can be a sign of depression,  is it possible that the sedating effect of Hops Oil caused a change in sleeping habits in an already depressed person? And the change in sleeping habits was assumed to be a sign that the depression was worsening?

That's the only explanation I can find for the "aromatherapy myth." I have to assume it's a myth until I see something to substantiate it.   (side note, our Hops CO2 is specifically extracted to perform as an antibacterial agent, specifically against the strain of bacteria that tends to cause underarm odor. It is produced as a deodorant ingredient, and is not sedating.)

Help any??   That's a long involved answer that says "I don't KNOW!"

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