Sunday, May 15, 2016


During Mondays with Marge this week, Aneah asked:
“Would you combine the new Javanese Turmeric with Mastic in a toothpaste or mouthwash?”

Yes, yes, and yes!  (We say yes three times since we would also use Myrrh!)
The combination of Mastic & Javanese Turmeric CO2 sounds like a great idea in theory. One of Christi’s advanced case studies/blends while studying with Laraine Kyle of the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy, was an essential oil mouthwash with a brandy base. More about that in a moment. The reason we say “in theory” is that you must consider what you will dilute it in (alcohol, vegetable glycerin, etc.) and first experiment to make sure the oils you are considering will actually dissolve in the diluent.  (one at a time)
Christi initially wanted to try either Caraway or Coriander CO2 in the blend, but found that neither properly dissolved in the alcohol base.  We haven’t experimented with Javanese Turmeric CO2 in alcohol yet, so we just don’t know if it will dissolve or not.  However, we now offer Solubol™ which might be a better option than alcohol.  The thought behind the alcohol was that it is also a germicide of sorts and of course many extracts and infusions are diluted in alcohol or vegetable glycerin.
When Christi came up with her case study blend, we weren’t carrying Mastic and the crew did not want it to contain Tea Tree (as anti-bacterial), so she opted for Manuka (antibacterial), Peppermint (astringent and analgesic), Myrrh (astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory), and Lemon Rind (germicide and astringent).  The Lemon Rind makes the teeth feel very clean and smooth, according to her.
According to recent research studies, Javanese Turmeric CO2 may be effective at destroying staph/strep mutans or other oral pathogens known to cause tooth decay.  This makes it an excellent choice for dental care, as it is very gentle, yet effective.  It does retain a somewhat bitter taste so be forewarned. 
For purposes of the blend, she used 8 oz of Brandy (which was too strong so she watered it down w/distilled water), with a 10% dilution, which she would now lower to 2.5% or 5%, and further increase if necessary.  Marge suggests our Solubol™ rather than brandy as a diluent.  (sounds like a fun experiment!)
Christi says in hindsight the blend was a bit too bitter, although effective, and if she blends another mouthwash, she would be sure to include something to lessen the bitterness. (Perhaps Vanilla?)  Might be a good time to revisit this idea! 
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