Friday, May 20, 2016

MWM Part 2, Essential Oils for Depression, and Grief

Essential Oils for Depression, and Grief

Continuing on the topic of emotional support, Marge took on essential oils for anxiety, depression, and grief during Mondays with Marge this past week.  Remember, these can be very serious mental health issues.  Do not attempt to treat yourself or others but seek professional help when needed.
A question from Amy, asking:  In supporting someone who is dealing with depression/anxiety/grief, what oils might you suggest to be most beneficial?

These are three separate conditions, and need to be treated differently.  Anxiety, that was answered earlier. Check out our blog notes on oil suggestions.
For depression:  A few years ago Bob Harris's Aromatherapy Database referenced a study set in a
mental hospital where a blend of citrus oils was diffused 24/7 in a ward of patients being treated (inpatient!) for severe depression. At the end of the study period, more than half the patients had been weaned off their anti-depressant meds, while the remaining patients had their scripts drastically reduced. We copied that blend, made it available, and call it, “Citrus Smile.” But even before I read that study, I always called the citrus oils, “smile bringers.” Request a sample of our Citrus Smile or you might see what citrus oils appeal most and ave other effects that you want. (i.e., Do you want the energizing effect of Pink Grapefruit, or the calming, almost sedating effect of Green Mandarine?) It is important to see what effect the individual oils have on the person whose depression you are trying to lighten.

For grief:  The range of suggestions is broad, however, for women, I first reach for Rose...that is what I needed to heal when I was widowed. Look at the oils we use in our SOLACE synergy; the blend we created after 9/11 to help ease the grief of a Nation. At that time, Gabriel Mojay sent suggested blends for our newsletter, to share with our grieving clients. His formulas are on our website here:
Also, we have a list of suggested oils for different/difficult emotional conditions. It's an old list and needs updating, but might give you some ideas.
We hope some of these ideas are of help!
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