Monday, May 16, 2016

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens…

These are a few of my favorite things!
On Mondays with Marge Tiffany asked, “What are some essential oils that you, Marge, personally use on a regular basis?”

The ones I reach for would be in two categories, 1. therapeutic benefit or 2. just joy. (or destressing, which fits in that category.)

Two of our blends that I personally use frequently, which are specific to my needs: First, “Deep Breath” synergy for my COPD, and our blend, "That's Better,"---our only pain reliever that does not contain a member of the Lavender/Lavandin family. I tend to wake up in the night with leg cramps, and “That's Better” is the remedy. (Click on product link for specific ingredients.)

On my bedtable there is a bottle of our newly re-blended “SleepEase” synergy. I love the sparkle that the new Sweet Marjoram CO2 brings to it. I will use that in my Aromastone, OR perhaps three-four drops of Spikenard with a drop of Rose Absolute Bulgarian. Sometimes there will be a hint of the SleepEase or Relax (for the lightness and sweetness of the Green Mandarine) to lighten the Spikenard/Rose. Those are my "sleep tight" oils. Oh, there's some Roman Chamomile there, as well.

There are some oils that I would not want to live without, and that list is VERY personal/specific. (Remember, there are a lot of oils that I can't use topically, because of allergies. That affects my choices.)

In no particular order:
Rose, in some form. If I had to choose just one Rose specimen, well, I'm not sure; I think I can narrow down to three, but no further.
Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica-for healing, pain relief, bruising, and burns.
Black Spruce from Canada-Diffusing it is a wonderful de-stressor, freeing!
Roman Chamomile, helpful for night-time decompression, de-stressing, getting to sleep.
A sweeter Citrus oil, but which one? Perhaps a Mandarine? Blood Orange? Citrus MUST be fresh and sparkle. If your citrus oil doesn't delight you, then clean the toilet with it! Frankincense ... either our new Sacra or the Carterii CO2. I haven't experimented enough with the Sacra, and need to do so, but either/or of the two for spiritual purposes, respiratory, meditation, relaxation.  Believe me, you will find a reason to use Frankincense!
Myrrh, for mouth sores, skincare, Cleopatra's Secret. I would not want to be without that!
Fragonia™. because it seems to be a “do everything" oil and wonderful for the emotions and for my respiratory problems.
Lemon Iron Bark Eucalyptus (Euc. Staigeriana) The only high citral oil I enjoy. I like to diffuse it at the computer. Helps with mood, focus.  Lemony, Christi thinks it smells like Lemon jelly beans.  It is both antibacterial and antiviral. 
I'm drawn to our new Australian Nerolina but haven't experimented with it other than to say "how lovely!" (Memo, I need to make some Nerolina shampoo for the younger grands... their school is full of lice!) It’s too high in Linalol for me to use topically since I am sensitized to it.

German Chamomile for inflamed skin, burns, rashes, and best of all, I LIKE it!

Ginger for warming... prob. the CO2 select. It just warms the marrow of my bones. Good for some kinds of pain relief, and speaking of pain relief, need to have some Kunzea and some Plai don't we?  If I could only have one I would choose Kunzea over Plai, but both is even better.

FOR ME... either Hyssop or Inula, for respiratory 'stuff’ via inhalation. Ravensara aromatica or Ravintsara, antiviral... just in general and because my generation is at risk for Shingles, which I DO not want please and thank you.

I love Vetiver, or Atlas Cedarwood, for grounding. A decade ago the Vetiver or Ruh Khus would be on my must have list. Not so much now... I … don't need them, today. But I still love them.  Just don’t reach for them as often.

There was a time that I could NOT function without Neroli and our Reunite' blend. That is a need I've also outgrown. The anxiety is just not a driving force any more. But it was,  and Reunite' got me through it.

I love Sandalwood, especially Santalum album but am not drawn to it as I was in the past. I used to diffuse a lot more of the citrus oils than I do today. Our needs for the oils change over time. I believe this.

Oil families I am not fond of, but admire them for what they do:

The high Citral "lemony scented" oils, but Lemon Tea Tree keeps mosquitoes away... so I need some.

Patchouli, nope, not a fan.

Lavender? Can't use it on my skin, it's not the BEST for anything. Not a big fan. But if most people can only have ONE oil, it is the first one to have. The Swiss Army Knife. I prefer specialized tools!

Thanks for asking!

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