Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What the Heli?

What the Heli? (Don or Serotinum: Deciphering Nature’s Gift Helichrysum Varieties)

(Marge's note: Christi wrote this. She is normally very much the lady and properly spoken.  I rather think she enjoyed being a bit naughty with this title!)

Healing Helichrysum italicum from the Island of Corsica (France) is the industry “gold standard” for Helichrysum Essential Oil.   

Helichrysum - Corsica is becoming scarcer because large cosmetics conglomerates are buying up entire crops for a year or more.  Marge has worked very hard to hold onto her reputable, artisan producer/distiller Helichrysum resources on the Island, and has committed to making this most healing of all essential oils available to our clients for as long as possible.

So what the Heli?  Ever since we began offering two Corsican Helichrysum EO’s (G. Don and Serotinum), we continue to receive questions about which oil is the best to order.  The prices are very close and neither is inferior to the other.  They are both Corsican Helichrysum.  The GCMS data is very similar, too. 

Where to go?  First to the website to our healing Helichrysum page, where Marge shares much knowledge, helpful for the decision-making process: G. Don or Sero?  I.E., which Heli works best for this or that particular purpose?  

Let’s look at G. Don, first.   The GCMS analysis reports it is highest in Neryl Acetate, an ester, which is responsible for relaxation, reducing inflammation, and pain relief.  And now the Serotinum, which shows it is very high in Italidiones (di-ketones) which should be the best choice for skin and scar healing.

Marge’s answer to the quandary is based on experience, research, and logic.  Based on the chemistry, we reach for the G. Don for pain relief, and the Serotinum for scar healing. There is one caveat.  Aroma!  The G. Don is a bit earthier aromatically.  The Serotinum is the same Heli italicum we have offered for years with the buttery nuttier aroma (said in the nicest way possible!) you’ve come to expect.  

So, now, what the Heli?  A solution is to ask for free samples 10% of both in the comments section at checkout when you next order at www.naturesgift.com.  If you have an aroma preference regardless of the issue, then go with your aromatic preference.  

Before we go, we know you have other questions, like: What is Heli Gymno, anyway? And why do you offer so many types of Heli, anyway? It is a different type of Helichrysum, high in the powerful 1,8 Cineole which is helpful for respiratory ailments.  It is not “italicum,” and really doesn’t “resemble” Heli italicum in any way.  Read about it here.

We currently offer the G. Don in a 10% dilution for skin-safe use and the Serotinum in a 5% dilution of Rose Hip Seed Oil for scar healing and both are available undiluted as well. 
We hope we’ve answered (albeit briefly): What the Heli? (and made you smile, too!)

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