Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ylangylang and High Blood Pressure

Ylangylang Blossom
Many authorities state that inhaling Ylangylang Essential oil (Cananga odorata) can lower high blood pressure.

We have had two recent experiences of this that perhaps should be shared.

One of my case studies during my CCAP course was presented by a nurse/friend. (Hi, Sandy!)

Male patient, age 54.  B/P 138/88.  One drop of Ylangylang Extra on a scent strip. Client told to hold near face, breath for 5 minutes.

B/P rechecked. 122/82.

I am told that the decrease in the top number is relaxation, but the decrease in the bottom number is a definite physical response.  And I have no idea what components in Ylangylang can have this specific effect on the human body. 

My friend also reported that the drop in BP was temporary, a half hour or less.  But still, helpful.

Second case..  a discussion that took place on last week's Monday's With Marge on our Facebook page, on Monday nights at 8:00 pm Central time.

Kris asked, "are there any EO'S that can assist with high blood pressure in a pregnant woman?"

Our reply: "Just checked Tisserand.. cautions with children under 2, but no cautions that I saw during pregnancy. NOW.. this will only be effective if the woman likes the aroma. as with most of the oils, personal preference trumps "what the books say".. and too much ylangylang can cause headaches... so... that's the only warning. but if she LIKES it.. try inhaling a bit every little while and see if it helps.

Not something she could do 24/7.. .but for times that the BP spikes. I'll have to get the measurements from the case was dramatic. (and for those reading and doesn't seem to lower NORMAL bp... just regulate overly high.)"

Yes, the spikes are the concern. Thank you again!"

and, a day or two later, a private message from Kris:  "Marge, once again your suggestions have been amazing!! My daughter has been using the Ylang Ylang inhaler I made up for her and has noticed a dramatic difference in her blood pressure. I don't know the #'s, but she said that she can feel herself "chilling" Lol, not a scientific description, but it's apt. Thank you again for doing Mondays with Marge!! Extremely helpful and soothed this worked mommy's mind a little! You're a blessing!! Much Love sent your way!! "

Wonderful...    now.. we are not by any means stating that someone should try to replace Rx medication with an essential oil.  but it does appear that inhaling either Ylangylang Extra or Ylangylang Complete might temporarily result in easing a blood pressure spike.  

I LOVE Monday's with Marge! gives me things to think about, and write about!


Kris Boggs said...

Yay!! Thank you Marge!
This truly has been extremely helpful. There is also the "Mind over Matter" factor. When you know relief is coming, it does. No matter the form.
Much love,

Scorptress said...

Would ylang-ylang complete have the same effects as the ylang-ylang extra?

Marge said...

I THINK (but don't know for sure) that the Complete is what Kris used with her pregnant daughter. and yes, I would use it. Also, it is more apt to be better tolerated than the Extra (in my experience/opinion.. I am not a lover of the Extra.)

hope this helps!

Michele Zahn said...

Thank you Marge! Loving your new Monday's with Marge forum and grateful for all that you do!

Michele Zahn said...

Thank you Marge. Enjoying your new Monday's with Marge forum and grateful for all that you do!

Carin Najjar said...

I have (chronic) low blood pressure and I have become dizzy and lightheaded from one drop of ylang ylang complete on my shirt collar, About 10 minutes after I put the drop there. I'm certain it lowered my BP below (my) normal. So, I limit my exposure to ylang ylang now.

Anne H said...

Michelle and Marge,
I have the ylang ylang complete and use it for my (sometimes high) blood pressure, tachycardia, and palpitations. I can't live without it!! I'm not able to take meds, so I have to control my stress and heart rate through other means.

Marge said...

Carin,I am always told that it 'regulates' BP.. now, I don't have a bad reaction to it.. but I dislike it... which I think is my body warning me away.

Marge said...

Anne, thanks for confirming that!!! I was fairly sure the second case was Complete, rather than Extra.