Sunday, December 15, 2019


Unbelievable Christmas Cookies

For the noncook -

I stopped by a friend's house today, and she urged me to take home a bag of homemade cookies. Now, this woman does not cook. Most definitely she doesn't bake. And I am a bit of a snob when it comes to cookies. They had best be extraordinary, or they aren't worth the calories. And, in all honesty, they didn't look extraordinary. And she said they had peanut butter. I'm not a big fan of peanut butter cookies. But, I am polite. I said "thank you" and took a small bag.

They sat on my countertop most of the day looking at me, trying to make me feel guilty.

Finally I tried one.

In the interests of science, I had to eat them all, while figuring out how they were made.

Crackers, not Ritz, because they are oval. Perhaps Keebler's Town House? A buttery, salty cracker, not a saltine type. Two crackers, sandwiched together with creamy peanut butter, and dipped in melted white chocolate.

OH my! The mix of salty cracker, peanutbutter, and white chocolate is amazing!

Even if you DO bake, and CAN make all sorts of wonderfully involved traditional Christmas cookies... make some of these too.

And to think I almost didn't try some. "contempt prior to investigation" and all that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Just got off the phone with one of our Nurse/Client's in Wisconsin. She has been treating a patient with intractable psoriasis for some time. She's tried almost every carrier oil on the market, many recommended essential oils (in proper dilution, of course!) with no results. She recently tried our Pomegranate CO2 extraction, undiluted, and is having wonderful results. Dramatic reduction in scaling and in redness. The patient is ecstatic, and we are just delighted.

It's feedback like this that reminds me of "why we are here"...when we can make a difference in someone's quality of life.

Later update, she has also seen good results using our hydrodistilled Cade oil in proper dilution, in a base of Pomegranate CO2.  Not sure which is the real answer....but they have helped several of her patients.

Yes....why we are here, indeed!