Monday, November 15, 2010

If it works - stop doing it!

A recent comment from a client started me thinking...and with her permission I'm quoting the exchange.

Jane from Maryland had been a frequent client years ago.We'd not heard from her in perhaps a decade. She recently placed several orders, and commented about using the oils to combat the effects of stress.

In the course of our conversation she wrote:

Am so glad to brighten your week. As someone in business myself (I'm a nonprofit publisher), I know how much we all appreciate positive feedback.

I actually first became a Nature's Gift customer about 10 years ago when my kids were small, but then went back to a demanding job, caring for parents at end-of-life, and stress caught up with me. I've so enjoyed "coming back" to aromatherapy.

which led to a conversation about the subject of this post.   We find things that work, that are nurturing and self-caring... and when life gets busier; we stop doing them.

I say "we" because Jane and I agree that we both have a tendency to do this, and I have many friends who will do the same thing.
  • Starting my day with a few minutes meditation really smoothed my morning.  Of course now I hit the ground running and don't have time to 'sit and do nothing'...
  • I created our Bliss Bath to help me through a period of both grief and extreme stress. I used it almost every night.  Today, a quick shower is all I will take time for.
  • A cup of Chamomile tea every evening really helps quiet the "todo list" running in my head and helps me sleep better (even with lavender or SleepEase in my Aromastone.)  Of course I no longer take the time to steep it.
  • 15 months ago my son and daughter in law gave me a gift certificate for a massage.  The therapist is not nearby, but on the other side of Nashville. WELL worth the drive.  Did I make the appointment and go down there?    
These are some of the things that I have done in the past to take care of myself, and stopped doing.  Jane in Maryland stopped using the precious oils that relieved her stress and refreshed her spirit.

We are, of course, unique. No one else finds things that really do  make their daily life more manageable; and then stop doing these same things.  Right?

What has worked for you... and are you going to start doing it again?