Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I just love it

A headline in a British paper last month:  Aromatherapy "makes labour easier" http://tinyurl.com/28eb9l3.   I love it when the press prints a story just stating what we've been saying for years. 

Well, yes. Aromatherapy does, in fact, make labour easier. Trying to remember when I first wrote our page about "aromatic birthing" for the website.  I know it's been a few years since we put together the two "aromatic birthing" kits.    Nice to see public aknowledgement that these oils really do make the whole labor and delivery process easier and less stressful for the mom.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Keeping the Skeeters Away

by Christi Pugh for Nature's Gift

For the time being it seems I’ve found a safer & more cost effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay in the nearest vicinity around my house…a spray of Lemon Eucalyptus in water & rubbing alcohol. Overall, Skeeter Beater is more effective, but for a large area, this can't be beat!

I have a huge old oak tree in my front yard which keeps it very shady & often damp, so this year in particular with the record rainfall/flooding, I’ve been more concerned than ever about the pesky creatures. Every couple of days I go out and spray around my doors/doorways and around the porch areas, steps, & greenery closest to the house. I’m in and out a lot with the dogs and in the past we’ve always been bombarded by mosquitoes on the porch but so far this season, it has not been a problem.

Of course we wear Skeeter Beater (I prefer the oil for the dogs) and have always spritzed a blend of the synergy and water on us as we came out for extra protection on our walks. Still the swarming mosquitoes were there in the porch area and we had to get through them to the sidewalk, which was a chore! (and kind of creepy, as I hate bugs!)

We know Lemon Tea Tree is also effective and both it and the Lemon Eucalyptus are two of the main components in our popular Skeeter Beater Blend. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), actually recommends Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil as an insect repellent.

For my concoction, I use a larger trigger spray bottle rather than an atomizer, just so I can more easily spray it outside and in larger areas. It is about 8 ounces size, I believe. (Our atomizers are 4 oz. Many trigger spray bottles are 16 & 24 oz.) Note also that I would not use a non Pet plastic bottle for use on skin.

I fill the bottle with water about one third full, add anywhere from 60-80 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus, pour in a few cap fulls of rubbing alcohol, fill it with water again, and shake it up. Note that I don’t fill the bottle all the way to the top so I have room to shake the ingredients. The Lemon Eucalyptus has a very strong aroma, so I started with a smaller amount of the oil, and it seems to be having the desired effect.

You could also use the Skeeter Beater Synergy or add some Cedarwood Essential Oil to the Lemon Eucalyptus. This is a wonderful all natural way to repel unwanted critters this summer as a supplement to our Skeeter Beater products.