Monday, January 13, 2020

"It can't be..."

 Rachel was out of the office today so I ended up fielding the phone calls.  An interesting day.  I don't know why people insist on blocking their phone number and name when they call.

"You have Balsam Fir Essential Oil?"

Yes, Canadian, from an Organic producer.

"What does organic mean for an essential oil?"

The question rather took me aback.  "In this case it was produced by a USDA Certified Organic producer." 

"Oh.  Well,  yours can't be real."

Excuse me?  Why would you say that?

"Because [fill in the blank of your favorite multilevel marketing company] charges $78.00 for theirs, how can you sell it for $10.00????"

Because I don't have massive numbers of downlinks to pay off? 

"How do you know yours is real?"

"Because I buy it direct from the distiller, in Canada, and have upon occasion had their oils laboratory tested to make sure they were what they should be."

"Well, they can't be the real thing at that price."  Click, and she was gone

I can't help wondering if we were to quintuple the price whether we might sell more?