Monday, September 29, 2008

an autumn day in the life...

the autumn equinox has passed now, and we begin to experience the hypnotic changes in our surroundings. being a true child of nature, when this time of year rolls around i find myself awash in energies unlike any i experience at other times of the year. it begins at about the same time i notice the squirrels scampering around and up and down our walnut trees. i become more domestic, cooking and cleaning, making preparations for the dark months. i spend more time walking in our wooded space, watching the now golden light filter down through the trees to create a dapple on the path. our dogs wander with me, easing away at times, noses to the ground. they are no doubt experiencing the same sweet aroma of decaying leaves that i take deep into my lungs.
at this most special time, when the day is done, i feel a thrill of expectation. it is the winding down hour; a good cup of tea and a healthy dose of Autumn Sunshine, our wonderful seasonal blend, in my lamp. every lamp in the house is lit and exuding the rich aroma that extends the magical qualities of the day into bath and bed time. when i put the lamps out and cozy up in my bed, that lovely scent lingers, sending me off into slumber and dreams of winding paths and floating leaves.