Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allergy Laden? Try Blue Tansy!

As a constant allergy sufferer, I’d been constantly attached to the little pink pill known as Benadryl, for histamine reactions to pollen, dander, dust, soy, wheat, or any little allergen that might attack.
Enter Blue Tansy Essential Oil at the suggestion of Marge Clark & Dr. Jane Buckle. For the worst attacks I’ve been known to put a dab in a spoonful of honey or sugar & swallow; but my favorite solution (& likely safer) is the small plastic inhaler I’ve filled with the essential oil & jojoba. Since Blue Tansy is rather thick & ink like, it can & will stain clothing & the skin. (not a pretty sight!) Not so with the inhaler. It travels easily in my pocket or purse & when I feel a wheezing/histamine reaction coming on these days I reach for my Blue Tansy inhaler.
Relatively easy to put together, all you need is one of our plastic inhaler blanks, & a few drops of blue tansy & jojoba.* (See instructions below.) I use mine for months at a time.
A longtime client, Kerry Miles, had this to say about Blue Tansy in a past newsletter:
“Hi Marge
I just had to let you know how incredible your blue tansy is!
My husband had an allergic reaction to something unknown yesterday. He broke out in red welts around his neck and it quickly started to spread up onto his face. It was very painful and itchy and rather scary. All I could think of to do in an emergency was to put a drop of your blue tansy on a tissue and tell him to inhale. Well what a shock! The allergic reaction stopped almost immediately and within half of an hour there was no sign that anything had ever happened. I knew blue tansy was good for allergies but that surpassed all expectations!
Kind regards
Kerry Miles”
*(Nature’s Gift instructions for using a blend or oil in an inhaler:
We recommend using 80% essential oil and 20% Frac. Coconut or Jojoba (to prevent rapid evaporation.) For a single blank, use approximately 15 to 20 drops total. Soak cotton inserts in blend to saturate. Screw inside liner and outside case tightly together. Place cotton insert inside plastic liner. Put tiny closure inside (small end down) and press tightly. Your new inhaler is ready to use.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frog Skin?

Came across this article today...

"Frog skin adds to growing list of animal-based anti-aging solutions"

"First snail slime, then snake venom, now it is frog skin. Scientists in South Korea are claiming that a new study has shown the skin of bullfrogs produces antioxidants that can help fight human skin aging..." You can read the rest of the article at the link below:

To which I can only say "YUCK!" Thank goodness for things like Seabuckthornberry and Pomengranate and Argan oil and all the other rich, natural wonderful anti- oxidants that we have access to.

Snail slime, snake venom and frog skin...sounds like something from MacBeth's three witches.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dry skin body oil

Karie Kinney emailed this last evening - it sounds so yummy I had to share it!

"I just wanted you to know I recently ordered Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Extract; Pomegranate Seed Oil; White Camellia Oil; Argan Oil; Jojoba Oil. I'm using them combined on my whole body - from head to toe! My skin has never looked better! I have combination skin and tend to break-out with blemishes frequently. I have not had one blemish since I started using these products! It's pretty amazing! My skin looks younger and more vibrant. My pores seem smaller too! My skin feels so silky soft it's incredible!"

That sounds like a wonderful blend, Karie. I use the Pomengranate and Argan on my face daily...more than daily. Hadn't thought of using it as a full body oil. But my friend Jean Flinchum raved about the effect of the pomengranate CO2 (straight up, no other oils) on really badly sundamaged arms. She mentioned "chicken skin"...well Jean, because I'm a lot older than you MY chicken skin is scalier than your chicken skin! Another use for Pomegranate.

All of the carrier oils and the Pomegranate CO2 are available onour carrier oils page. The Seabuckthorn Berry CO2 is available with our essential oils.

I'm thinking I might add just a tad of Rose Hip oil to the above combination. It is, after all, said to be one of the best oils for aging skin...and I think I've rather blown my cover here.

A nice after shower oil maybe?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Blossoming Heart

We've been waiting since before Christmas for a new shipment of Robbi Zeck's amazing book of aromatic meditations. The second edition was delayed, but worth the wait. Read a full review (and order if you want!) on our Rare and Special Books page.

(Yes, the price has gone up over the first edition. Blame the declining value of the US Dollar and the increased costs of transportation from the other side of the globe. Our costs went up over 45%.)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


True story... brand new client ordered a couple of items... I emailed back "hope the shingles get better FAST"... she wrote, shocked... how did I KNOW???

Because ravensara aromatica in a base of calophyllum inophyllum (the only carrier oil) works wonders on the pain and inflammation of Shingles, and anyone ordering just those two products is trying to treat shingles. I used to fantasize about offering a blend called "housetop" or "rooftop"... Because, of course, since there have not been proper double blind studies done, we can't SAY "use Ravensara and Calophyllum for Shingles."

But we can quote authors who suggest it, and the many clients who have written with success stories, after trying the allopathic meds to no avail. Years ago one of our staffers had a mom who thought what we did was snake oil, smoke and mirrors, etc. Until she developed Shingles. After a month on the meds with no relief she finally agreed to try what her daughter had been urging. Next morning she called, shocked and relieved. Had received her first painfree night's sleep in weeks.

But we can't say it works. We just know it does.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Research Study - Radiation Treatment

We keep being reminded of why we are use the products we source and make available to improve the quality of life of our clients.

We are given the gift of participating in a huge research study that, if successful, may make a difference in the lives of thousands of Cancer patients.

A client in Minnesota has received funding for a major research project testing complimentary medicine in the treatment/prevention of skin damage from radiation treatments. The carrier oils and essential oils that are being rigorously tested (against a conventional allopathic remedy, healing carrier oils alone, and the carriers blended with a select group of essential oils) have been used for years to treat patients, with wonderful results. Because we know the procedure being tested works well, we anticipate great results in the tests.

And once the results are published, we can say what we know, without being accused of making medical claims. We can just reference the research.

But, most important of all, successful results might encourage other practioners to use the oils to help their patients. What a difference this can make in a patient's quality of life! What a GIFT to be able to participate!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day... Aromantic blends

Thought about all the romantic blends we've published over the years, and went back to a Valentines newsletter from almost a decade ago for the following:

Chrissie Wildwood has some "love potions" for both men and women in her Perfume book.

Erotica: An almost hypnotic blend
2 parts Ylangylang extra
2 parts Tuberose
1 part clary sage
1 part black pepper

A sensual massage for the man in your life:
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop ylangylang
1 drop Cardamon
added to 2 teaspoons of carrier.

Note...after playing with all of these, and going mmmmmmmmmmm....I reach for a blend of perhaps 10 drops sandalwood, and 3 to 5 drops of your favorite Rose Oil... add a bit to some jojoba and brush it into your hair, add to a bath, make a strong dilution and wear as perfume... or better yet, dilute it down a lot more and give ME a massage with it.......

Will someone please tell my partner that's what I want for St. Valentine's day?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Treatment for Sinusitis, Sinus Infections via Steam Inhalation

A recent sinus infection sidetracked me & nothing seemed to help: not over the counter medicine, not bed rest, green tea, emergen c, vitamin b, neti pot…the list goes on & on. Then I recalled a client who suggested steam inhalation of Oregano essential oil & Peppermint essential oil. I added Thyme Thujanol* essential oil to the mix, (a few drops of each oil), in my bathroom sink with steaming hot water, put a towel over my head, closed my eyes, & inhaled deeply for several minutes. The mucous started to loosen & I began to cough. The combination worked as an expectorant, helping to clear the sinuses. I started a regimen of antibiotics begrudgingly, but continued with the steam inhalation method daily, & placed cotton balls with Oregano & Peppermint in my pillowcase each night. A pathway to relief at last!
*(from our website, “Thyme Thujanol…reputed to be strongly anti-viral & a stimulant to the immune system…”)

Monday, February 11, 2008

English Chamomile

Some of you know that the friend who distilled all of our English essential oils retired a year or so ago. We stockpiled his lovely anthemis nobilis... our English Chamomile. Today we shipped the last of our bulk backstock. We have a small handful of retail sizes left, so if you want it, best to order it right now.

February - Ground Hog Day -

Well, the infamous groundhog saw his shadow and we should be having six more weeks of winter. Not likely hear in Middle TN, but stranger things can happen. Last week we had deadly tornadoes, which shouldn't come until April or so. (Thanks to those who called or emailed to make sure we survived!) And tonight the wind-chill is supposed to be ZERO. Putting some SleepEase in my Aromastone, piling another quilt on the bed and curling up with a good book!