Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Considering Aromatherapy Books

By Christi

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Which book would you most recommend?” My response is usually, “What is the purpose you are looking for?” The fact is, there are several great Aromatherapy books which focus on various uses for essential oils. (There are also some not so great ones out there!) Of course I am partial to Marge’s book Essential Oils & Aromatics for obvious reasons…however, it IS a great overall book to reach for.

Here’s a list to help sort them out:

Beginner’s Books

1) Marge’s Introduction to Aromatherapy Booklet (not quite a book but chock full of helpful information) with safety information, blending tips, and a few recipes. It travels easily in a purse or back pack & makes a great gift for those just starting out.

2) Marge’s Essential Oils & Aromatics, (also mentioned above), is a beautiful coffee table book as well as a practical guide to aromatherapy. It expands on information covered on the website & in the booklet.

Physical Uses of the Oils

1) Salvatore Battaglia’s Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, which I call my Aromatherapy “bible.” I find myself reaching for it daily for its wealth of
information about the oils & body systems. Yes, it is heavy & expensive, but
a worthwhile investment.

Spiritual & Emotional Uses

1) Gabriel Mojay’s Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit explores the Eastern side of uses for the oils, body balance, & energetics. I never tire of pulling this book out to read & always learn something new when I do so.

2) Robbi Zeck’s The Blossoming Heart deals with emotional & spiritual uses. It is thoughtful & thorough & a complete delight. It is one of the first aromatherapy books I ever owned & I still use it regularly, particularly if I am in a funk or a friend is going through something & needs guidance. We also offer a companion “Energetic Oils Kit,” on the site, covering the oils mentioned in the book.

Pet Care

1) A subject near & dear to my heart is pet care & Kristin Leigh Bell’s Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals is the book to consider. Kristin is an experienced aromatherapist & is extremely knowledgeable. If you have pets & use aromatherapy, it is a must-have. (Note: We do not sell this book, but you may click thru our Amazon link to purchase.)

For a complete listing of books we have available visit our books page or for other books we recommend, visit our book reviews.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Helichrysum Anecdotes

Anyone who has read our website knows that I think Helichrysum italicuum, from Corsica, is the *most* healing of essential oils.  Two recent from a client, one my personal experience.

This weekend I received the following Email, and was given permission to share:

Wanted to share a great story on Helichrysum 10% dilution!
I had some spider veins removed from my face recently. The doctor told 
me I would be bruised and swollen for two to six weeks.
She gave me an ice pack to use right after the procedure, but when I 
came home, I put on some of your Helichrysum 10% dilution.
I reapplied it that night and again the following night. (I have to 
admit I really don't like the smell!).  I never had any bruising at 
all....just a tiny bit of swelling that was barely noticeable. It has 
been several days now, and still not a hint of discoloration.
I had this same procedure done last year and was really bruised for at 
least a week. Should have thought to use the Helichrysum then!
Thanks so much for being one of my favorite companies!!
Annette Kohn-Lau
I love it when we amaze the doctors!!!!  And validation that our products really DO perform as expected is even better ;)  Annette's email made my evening!
Now... my personal experience... I am either the luckiest or the clumsiest woman in Tennessee...possibly both!
I was trying on some new clothes from Coldwater Creek's Outlet. And I was just recovering from yet another respiratory ailment that had left me a bit weak and shaky.  Somehow in trying on a new pair of jeans (Teal Blue and stunning!) I managed to 'off balance' myself and did a one point quote Forrest Gump, "on my left buttock."   Because I was busy messing with the jeans, it was truly a one point landing, no way to break my fall.   And remember, folks, my house is a "slab house"...sitting on a concrete slab.  Carpeting with padding, but it's still concrete.
OUCH.   I am truly blessed that I did *not* break a hip.  My bone density is dangerously low; I can't take the drugs that can improve that condition, and my Doctor has repeatedly warned me that I'm at high risk for broken bones.  So I was shaken, and grateful, and, after I picked myself (and those teal jeans) up off the floor, in a fair amount of pain.  I knew nothing was broken, but suspect I bruised the bone.  No bruise showing, but it HURT.  Hurt to sit down, hurt to get up, hurt to move the wrong way.  I drove to work (getting in and out of the car HURT.)  Discovered that my office chair was not nearly as comfortable as the chair at my  home office.  Asked T to blend up one fl ounce of our Arnica Massage Oil  with 3 ml of Helichrysum.   A strong dilution, but this was a serious bruise.
Forgot to apply the blend later in the day, but when I woke in the night with pain every time I rolled over, I got up and applied it to the problem area.  The pain relief of the blend, plus some SleepEase in my Aromastone, let me sleep soundly the rest of the night. The next morning I remembered to apply the blend before getting dressed.  I may (or not) have used it that evening but am fairly sure I didn't use it any longer.
Results?  Occasional pain for the next few days if I sat down or got up too abruptly, or moved just the wrong way.  Absolutely NO exterior bruising.

Yes, the Arnica Massage oil, with helichrysum added, is now permanently part of my home first aid kit.  And I am *much* more careful when trying on new clothes!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cool Cucumber Hydrosol-A Natural Delight

by Christi

My face feels so happy today! I treated it to Cucumber Hydrosol—battling a few dry patches with the changing seasons & red, itchy, allergy laden eyes.

The aroma is so lovely, like a freshly cut cucumber from the garden. Since it is all natural & certified organic, there is no fake/synthetic “melon” scent like those drugstore “cucumber” facial masks from the 1980’s. (remember those?) Icky…

I spot treated (dabbed) the dry areas with soaked cotton balls, as well as around my itchy eyes at 6:30 a.m. prior to putting on my foundation. I had no problems putting on my makeup a short time after using the hydrosol & nearly 8 hours later, my face still feels refreshed & comfortable as if I have had my own private spa treatment going on all day!

I’ve always used our Frankincense Hydrosol as a toner & for cooling down on hot summer days & it is an excellent choice, but now I’ve found another favorite in the Cucumber Hydrosol. It was new to us last summer & we quickly sold out. It is no wonder. Now that it is back in stock, I am so happy I’ve finally taken the time to try it. Cooling, toning, refreshing, soothing, natural...It is truly a delight!

Read more about our Cucumber Hydrosol here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips on Growing Younger

This just in from client Ellen Wood. It delighted us, we hope it will delight you, as well.

Scalp Stimulation, Anyone?
by Ellen Wood ( Keynote Speaker, Author, Columnist and Grow Young Guide
Oooooh. Aaaah.  That feels soooooooo good.
            Ever have someone wash your hair and massage your scalp?  It feels so good, you’re glad your head is leaning back over the sink so you won’t drool on your chin.
            It's a time for allowing your consciousness to go to scalp and just feel the pleasure.  This is not a left-brain thinking/talking experience; it’s one of those right-brain feeling experiences.
            Scalp massage has been used by many cultures throughout history to stimulate hair growth. I can’t vouch for that, but it does increase blood circulation, which is needed to bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.  Of course, the top of your head is one of the most difficult places to get blood flowing since we usually just keep our head upright and let it sit there all day.  Scalp massage is the best way to get blood circulating at the top of your head and help prevent hair loss (or perhaps even stimulate new hair growth, as some folks claim.)
            Scalp massage has other benefits, too.  When you massage your scalp (or better yet, have someone else do it for you), you activate neural pathways to the brain and stimulate dormant brain cells. Yes!  We can increase our brain power without even struggling with Sudoku.
            Here’s one way to massage your scalp: put some Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil on your scalp, then use the balls of your fingertips of both hands and rub in gentle, circular motions over one small area of your scalp while you count to five.  Then, with your fingertips in the same place, rub in circular motions without moving your fingertips, allowing only your scalp to move while you count to five. Then move on to the next place on your scalp and continue until you’ve massaged your entire scalp.
            Another method to use for stimulating your scalp is pulling your hair, usually before your shower and after dry brushing your skin. It takes just 15 to 20 seconds total, so try this (but get your doctor’s permission first):  Bend at the waist and let your head fall forward.  Keep your legs straight, feet hip-width apart.  With each hand take a small bunch of your hair at the roots and gently yank 3 to 5 times rapidly.  Then move to the next clusters of hair and continue that process until you’ve covered your whole head.
            WARNING:  The first time I did this was several years ago when I was in my late 60s.  I was naked and when I bent over at the waist, I was unprepared for the shock of what my eyeballs were staring at.  Not a pretty sight!  I just hadn’t looked at myself naked in an upside-down position in a long time so I was caught by surprise.  If my breasts were larger, they might have covered my belly, but I’m not sure I was ready for that picture either.
            I am a proponent of loving yourself exactly as you are, so if you don’t like what you see when you bend at the waist and pull your hair, tell your belly and boobs you love them as they are and thank them for doing their job (and still being there) – or wear clothes.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring in Tennessee

It's finally Springtime in middle Tennessee.  I have to admit, Tennessee does Spring better than anywhere else I have lived.  New England and New York excel in Autumn,  the Pacific Northwest excels at Summer, but Tennessee OWNS Spring.  Some shots from my yard, or my very brief commute to work:

A huge old apple tree stands by the walk from my door to my driveway.It yields no apples...just tiny little hard red things that look like rose hips. But standing under it, looking up at the March sky through the blossoms is a gift every morning and afternoon.

The young man who mowed my lawn also mowed the violets and dandelions.  The dandelions will be back; not sure about the violets.  (Violets thrive in the shade of the Apple tree.)

Bradford pears grow in stately rows almost everywhere:


And a neighbor's forsythia bush, flaunting its blooms in front of the ever present Bradford Pear:

Not everthing is gold...  

The first dogwood -

and cherry trees are at their height.

And soon the Iris will be blooming.

We do Spring well, here.