Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lip Balm Flavors

I am going to assume that you have a 'basic' lip balm recipe that you like.

A basic one can be 30 grams of beeswax (I always use the beads, they don't need grating!) and 70 grams of your favorite fixed oils.  We really recommend using a blend of fixed oils since they will all bring different protective and/or nourishing benefits to your lips.  This recipe makes 100 grams or approximately 3.5 ounces (by weight, not volume!) Enough to fill 6 small lip balm pots or 12 "sticks"   (It occurs to me that you may have different sized pots, so be sure to have extras. Our wee lipbalm pots will need more than six, because they only hold 5 mls, one teaspoonful, or 1/6th of a fluid ounce, so a single batch would give you about 20 wee lip balm pots!)

Mark Webb teaches a blend of more than half Almond oil with Jojoba and Avocado. I like to use something with a longer shelf life than Almond oil. And why can't use some of the VERY exquisite CO2 extracted facial oils? Of course we can!  Why not a bit of Kiwi, or Pomegranate, or Rose Hip Seed or Sea Buckthorn Seed oils?  Why not indeed.

Or, even simpler, from an old newsletter perhaps 15 years ago,

Basic lip balm recipe: melt together one ounce (by weight, not volume) of beeswax preferably grated (it will melt faster), a “solid” fat. shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, etc. and one ounce of a rich liquid oil (I like to use avocado oil or kukui nut oil for this). Note, that was before I knew about, or had access to, Beeswax Beads. NEVER again will I grate a chunk of Beeswax!

This makes a basic soothing balm or salve that can be divided into smaller portions and/or enriched in innumerable ways. Use herbal infused oils (infused chamomile or calendula) for skin soothing. Add the essential oils of your choice...a drop of peppermint or steam-distilled lime for lip balms. Lavender and German chamomile for healing baby’s diaper rash. Patchouli or frankincense for badly chapped hands. Less beeswax or more of the liquid oil makes a softer balm, more beeswax makes a firm “stick” that can be rubbed on. 

For either formula,  add the beeswax and your sturdiest fixed oils to a microwave safe container.  Microwave in short bursts, pausing in between because residual heat will continue to melt the beeswax and butters.  Discontinue heating as soon as all wax is melted. While the mixture cools, stir blend evenly, and, just before it starts to firm up, stir in your Essential Oils and/or CO2s.

And now comes the FUN part....flavoring/scenting your lip balm.

The original formula calls for eight drops of essential oils or CO2 extracts. 

You could make 2 or 3 drops Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, or Rose Hip FRUIT extract, to add a reddish tone to your balm.    and then, for scent:  

(Some of us were playing, throwing out ideas.and they sounded much too yummy not to share.)

Sandy said that her son-in-law texted her, ""that coffee chapstick you made is flipping fantastic!" - I take it that's a good thing!   So for a man, who doesn't want sweet or girly. Coffee is a great choice.

As might be Chocolate (use our Cocoa CO2 and you could use Cocoa Butter CO2 for the solid fat in the second formula here.) 

Or Mocha..  Cocoa plus Coffee.

Or Vanilla CO2  with or without Cocoa and Coffee..

A single drop of rose, Otto or Absolute.  Rose is delicious.  With or without Vanilla.  Rose and Chocolate? that would be lovely.

A single drop of Lavender blended with our 10-fold Orange, or with organic Coldpressed Sweet Orange?  

Sweet Orange and Cocoa CO2?  

Vanilla with just a single drop of Clove or Cinnamon Leaf, or perhaps Ginger CO2 Select for a "root beer" flavor?

Spearmint or Peppermint, of course.  but Cocoa CO2 and Peppermint?

Notice how Cocoa CO2 seems to come up in a lot of these? I am a firm believe that "Chocolate fixes everything" and I just think a chocolate flavoured lip balm would be a delightful treat for any chocaholic.   And, earlier this week, on Facebook, Lisa posted this comment:

"Holy chocolate! I just made a blend, then immediately went to leave a review on your site, but noticed there was no review option, so I had to come here... To anyone reading: buy this cocoa extract from Nature's Gift. Right now!"        Now, could I have made that up? of course not!