Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bumps and Bruises

One of my best friends totalled her car Sunday, and is very lucky to be alive.  I was called by the ER nurse around 11:15 Sunday morning and raced to the ER.   I got to be the "responsible adult" signing all the forms and paperwork. 

Gwen has a broken wrist (her right one, and she's right handed), a broken nose, a really DEEP gash over her eye that required shaving her eyebrow and a LOT of stitches, and bruises and pain in places she didn't know existed.  When the airbags deployed, although they undoubtedly saved her life, they did a fair amount of damage on their own.

Why am I blogging about this?  Because I came up with a new solution to treat the miscellaneous aches, pains, bruises and stiffness. She thinks she may have some broken ribs, her right ankle and knee are stiff and sore, etc.

The morning after the accident, when heading for her house, I stopped and picked up a 4 ounce bottle of our Arnica Infused oil.  I poured out a spoonful or two to allow "headroom" and added a full 5 ml bottle of Corsican Helichrysum.

She is raving about the results. She says the combination is giving almost instant relief from the various aches and pains, and just wishes she could pour it inside the cast on her broken wrist!.

Needless to say, she will be using our Helichrysum in Rose Hip Seed Oil on the scar from that horrendous cut on her face. I hope to be able to post before and after pictures down the road a bit.  This morning we are off to the tow in yard to salvage the personal items from her totalled Jeep Cherokee. It will be the first time we've seen the car, and, I suspect, will bring us both a LOT of gratitude.