Friday, November 16, 2018

NAHA and Arthritis

Can not believe it's been almost 6 weeks since I've written an article here.  First Christi left, then a week at NAHA, then a week in Atlanta, studying with Madeleine Kerkhof at The Heal Center. Followed by unexpected personnel changes in our office.   It's been a busy few weeks. 

I wanted to share a story from NAHA.

On our first or second day at the NAHA, a pair of older women came to the booth.  One asked, "Do you have anything for Arthritis?"   I immediately thought of our Miracle Blend, and said, "Yes, but not with me."  (We had brought the CO2 extracts, and Marco Valussi's Italian oils.)

"My friend is in agony with her knees and can not make it down the stairs to the conference to hear the speakers, or walk to lunch."

So, time to improvise. We had Arnica Massage Oil,  and I had Mango Ginger 10% dilution.  Absolutely nothing to blend them in.

The woman in pain came behind the booth and rolled up her jeans.   I asked her to hold out her right hand, and poured perhaps a scant teaspoon of Arnica massage oil (as much as she could easily hold without spilling) into her palm.  Then I added a bit of Mango Ginger 10% to the Arnica Massage blend.  My goal was to use 1 part of the Mango Ginger dilution to three parts of the Arnica blend.

Had I been able to measure precisely, 3 parts Arnica Massage blend and 1 part Mango Ginger dilution would give us a 2.5% dilution of Mango Ginger.  But... I had to eyeball.

The woman rubbed her hands together to blend the two oils, and rubbed them in to both of her knees.  I told her I hoped it would help, and please come back later and let me know the results, no matter what.

I never saw those two women again, but during the rest of the conference, several people came to our booth talking about the woman who could walk again, because of our blend.  She was able to go easily up and down the half flight of stairs to the conference room, walk up the long hill to the restaurant where lunch was served, pain free.

She may not have come to tell me, but she and her friend told everyone they contacted at NAHA about our blend.

So I thought I should tell you! (I am rereading this, and chuckling at my describing anyone as "older"!)

Hint for the day.   Measure, with a pipette, and find out how much carrier oil/fixed oil you can comfortably hold in your hand.  with me, it's 1/2 teaspoon.  Knowing that, I know that if I put a fixed oil in my hand, and add ONE drop of essential oil, I have approximately a 2% dilution.   If I add TWO drops of essential oil, I have approximately a 4% dilution.  No, it's not accurate.  But in an emergency, it is good to know.  (I have small  hands, your measurement may vary.)