Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's been 10 years.

Last year on September 11th, I blogged about the events of that day in 2001, what was happening here, at Nature's Gift on that day, who gathered beneath my roof to pray and to cry. 

Today I'm thinking about the after effects.  Because it is what we do, we were drawn to create a blend, to try to ease some of the grieving that we knew would follow. So our Solace synergy and anointing oil was created.  While we women worked on that, using all our skill, knowledge, intuition and love, Rick felt drawn to create a blend for Spiritual Courage... I found the initial attempt...labeled The Lion... with reference to The Wizard of Oz.   We tinkered a bit...and Valour was borne.

Creating them wasn't enough.  We needed to get them into the hands of those who were most affected by the events of that terrible morning.

This is the newsletter that I sent out later in September:

 Our hearts reach out to the families of those lost in the World Trade Center, and at the Pentagon. It's impossible for us to imagine what you must be going through. I know some of our readers had friends and loved ones among the victims, and among the lost heroes who tried to save them. We have spend a lot of time during the past two weeks praying that you be comforted, and that our children...all the children...of the world be kept safe.

First, I'd like to share some blends. We had sent some Rosa Alba to one friend who I knew had family members lost, because years ago another friend wrote of taking some Rosa Alba to the funeral of a beloved teacher...   and said that "it comforted many hearts." So we sent what comfort we could.

And I thought of blends, for comforting the grief that so many are experiencing. Anne went to the blending table, and came up with the following formula:


10 drops Cypress  - for strength
10 drops Frankincense Sacra - for the Spirit
3 drops Rosa Alba - for Comfort
1 drop Helichrysum - for healing scars and bruises
1 drop Melissa - for the promise of Joy

it's a beautiful blend. The rose will become stronger with time, as it is, it's balanced. woodsy, with the softness and strength of the White Rose.

We are NOT offering this blend for sale...at least not right now. That feels like profiting from the disaster that struck so many. But we want to make it available to those whom it might help.

The only way we can think to do that is to send a wee bottle, in a skin-safe 5% dilution, upon request, to any address in Southern New York State, Western Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, or Washington DC. We will send it upon request, while the pre-bottled supply lasts. (approximately 100 bottles.)

Please send Email and use SOLACE as the subject matter. Just put the recipients name and address in the body of your message. We'll send it out.  If you feel it should go to an address not covered by the above, just write and explain to me. I hate to limit what we are sending...but for obvious reasons we have to...and I want it to go where it's needed.

And it did. The requests came in. We sent to firefighters who had survived, but watched their friends fall. We sent to families of the fallen.  We heard from friends and families of those who had been on those illfated airplanes. 

A year later, when Cancer claimed our Rick, with so little warning, we sent small bottles of his Valour anointing oil to those who remembered him.

Why am I writing all this tonight?  Because this September it feels appropriate to make our Solace and Valour blends available again; but the time broadcasting them to any and all has passed.  We are going to offer them at our normal wholesale pricing on the September specials page when it is finally written and online, and I am concerned, once again, that people may think that we are trying to profit from that terrible memory.

We are not...we want to make them available and this seems to be the best way.