Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Call To Action - United Aromatherapy Effort


Along with many others, we are helping with an aroma community-wide effort spearheaded by the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. The goal: reach out and help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Aromatherapist Amy Kreydin of the Barefoot Dragonfly is coordinating their effort in Texas.
Amy's article concerning the effort explains more. http://www.amykreydin.com/aromatherapy-relief-for-victims-…/

This is not affiliated with any particular brand or company. The United Aromatherapy Effort formed their first mobile team during the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. If you would like to help, we're more than happy to have you. In fact, we need you! :-) (Nature's Gift has always been among the first to respond to UAE requests, and a shipment of inhalers and blends is already on the way to Austin for the refugees.)
We must ask that you PLEASE DO NOT TAG AMY. She is overwhelmed at the moment and needs to keep her attention on tasks at hand. Many are working alongside her to compile a “wish list” which can be shared and can be worked from to fill recognized needs.
Please join the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/unitedaromatherapyeffort) for updates, to stay current on the needs and efforts and to lend your support.

If you are long distance and wish to contribute, donations of money and aromatherapy supplies are ideal and much needed. Here's how to get those into Amy's hands.
• Purchasing grocery store gift cards, diapers, formula, medications and other immediately needed supplies to put into the hands of those offering direct aid. Even one dollar helps!
Send donations through Paypal Friends & Family option to: barefootdragonfly@gmail.com
** Please make sure to use the Friends & Family option when sending money through PayPal so no fees are incurred **
• blank inhalers
• single essential oils to formulate generic blends
• generic essential oil blends (Ex: trauma, respiratory, energizing, relaxing, calming, sedative, purifying) ** Please include safety info and complete ingredients lists for all pre-made blends **
• rollerball bottles supplies (empty rollerball bottles, carrier oils with long shelf life)
• blank labels to label products being made
• disposable pipettes
• packaging supplies may be needed for products
• personal hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, etc.)
• herbal preparations, teas, bulk herbs, etc.

Send donated supplies to:
The Barefoot Dragonfly
7601 Pheasant Rock Road
Austin, TX 78729

Amy needs volunteers and helping hands on several fronts. If you are local to the Austin, Tx area, she could use your help in some way.
• Assemble kits at her studio this week (see blog post linked above)
• Print labels for aromatherapy products, inhalers, etc. being assembled in her studio this week
• Help coordinate efforts in the area and specifically assist with Amy's current growing list
• Gather, pack and deliver supplies
• Drivers and/or help locating drivers to take goods from Austin to shelters in Houston and down the coast over the next couple of weeks
• Other ??

These are on-the-ground and in the trenches assistance efforts. Every single penny donated, every single item, product and supplies given will go to those who need it. We are a healing therapy community that seeks to help others heal emotionally and physically. It's what we do!
Bottom line: the need is great and ongoing. While immediate needs are the current focus, recovery from this historical disaster will go on for months. Resources will likely need to be replenished multiple times during the healing and rebuilding process. If you can't help right now, we certainly understand. Perhaps you can help later on, when it's no longer a big news story and the cameras have stopped rolling.

Thank you for reading all the way through and joining us in the united effort to help Texas heal.

Tiny 2 ml Oils Still Pack a Mighty Punch

Two ML Bottles
By Christi R. Pugh
For Nature's Gift
2 ml bottle with Pipette

“What can you actually do with a 2 ml oil?” we are often asked. The tiny amber bottle looks and seems so small, doesn’t it?  We’re talking about a 2 ml (that's forty drops give or take) of a rare and exquisite aromatic. 

Marge offers suggestions:
-You can blend from one to four ounces of body oil.

-You can make small blends for various uses.  (Most formulas for home users are calculated by the drop.)

-You can add two or three drops to one of our amphoras for wearable aromatherapy.

-You can add just 8 to 10 drops to an ounce of our unscented Silken Skin Lotion, for the world’s most aromatic skin treatment.  (A one oz Malibu jar fits nicely in my purse.)

-You can add just one drop to a tablespoon (1/2 ounce, 15 mls) of your favorite nourishing skincare oils for an aromatic serum. Neroli, Rose, Helichrysum, German Chamomile are all marvelous facial oils. And yes, that low a dilution can be very effective.

-You can wear our premade dilutions on your pulse points as a skin-safe natural perfume, alone or blended with another diluted aromatic.  (Try a drop of Rosa Alba CO2 5% topped by 2 drops of Lilac CO2 10% on your wrist.  This powerful and evocative blend was created by Mindy Green at the recent AIA conference…on my wrist!)

-You could add perhaps 10 drops of Neroli to the cotton core of an aroma blank for an anti-anxiety inhaler. (Or saturate the wick with Neroli 10%.)

-A single drop of Helichrysum in Rose Hip Seed Oil is usually enough for a single application to a surgical scar.  Of course you will want to reapply, and long term application might be necessary, but this is enough to start with.

In reality, since many essential oils “pack-a-punch,” it is necessary to dilute, say, almighty Rose or Jasmine, unless you are skilled at blending or a natural perfumer.  The aroma can be overwhelming, otherwise.  For this reason, we offer most of our 10% or 5% oils; as well as the cost factor…we want everyone to be able to experience these rare and precious oils.

Did you know that all our 2 ml oils come with a tiny mini pipette to help with dispensing the oil?  It is a very helpful tool.  

Next time you think, “What can you do with a 2 ml oil?” Remember, the possibilities are limitless.

Explore our collection of precious aromatics at www.naturesgift.com

Friday, August 18, 2017

Those Frankincense infusions

One of the men in my life has an incredible gift for describing aromas, and putting into words the effects of the aromatics he experiences.

He recently got the chance to experience and play will all four of our Infused Frankincense oils.

I envy his gift of description, and thought you might love  his descriptions of our new treasures.

Frankincense Serrata Infusion:

Frankincense serrata has always been my favorite Frankincense Essential Oil. This infusion
Serrata Infusing
holds true to that statement. Multi dimensional, amazing depth, and creates a comforting energy for mediation. It almost seems to say, "calm down. Everything is going to be alright." Upon application to my skin it's light, citrus, and fresh. Like freshly showered soapy skin. As it develops it becomes more woodsy, and just the slightest touch of smoke. Upon further investigation I added just a drop of Frankincense serrata essential oil to this infusion. Magic! I feel this infusion would be a great addition to "me time." It allowed me to reflect upon myself with an honest, and open mind. 

 Frankincense Sacra, Silver:

Sacra Silver being measured.

This infusion smells just like the essential oil I have. A combination of floral, resin, and light wood, but dries down a touch more woodsy and resinous as the powdery floral notes disappear. It smells like the definition of captured sunshine. I've noticed that my spirit guides respond with much more clarity while meditating with this infusion. Shedding light on things hidden in the dark. Some I knew were there because of suppressing them, and others new to me. This infusion is a great tool for self discovery, and improvement. 

 Frankincense Sacra, Brown:

Sweet, citrusy, floral, almost like a cup of spiced Orange tea with a touch of honey. Very
Brown Sacra Pearls
uplifting for me energetically. As it unfolds on the skin it tends to stay lighter than the other infusions. Not so much woodsy as deeply resinous and citrus. I'm particularly drawn to this infusion in the mornings because of its energizing quality. I'm not a morning person, but this infusion brings about a calming yet focusing feeling. Something that could really get your mind on track for the day. 

Frankincense Sacra, Green:  

Green Sacra
This infusion reminds me of the Earth. Woody, grassy, almost coniferous. Clear, and airy though. The smell of green life in the canopy of a forest rather than the dirt, and roots below. I sense an almost Petitgrain note as it develops. Meditating with this infusion I am overcome by feelings of gratitude. I'm reminded of everything I have to be grateful for, and that life is too short to even consider what I "don't have"or "haven't accomplished". As it dries down a sour candy note appears, and continues to remind me that life is pretty sweet most of the time, and that I can't be too serious all the time or I'll miss out on beautiful things. 

My friend went on to write,

"These are incredible. They all serve the spiritual purpose of Frankincense, but with individual sub purposes. When choosing the right one for myself it really depends on where I am in my head, and what I need. I couldn't choose to own just one. At some point I will have to own all four. Just throwing an idea your way... But... Perhaps for the holidays. A gift set of all four. The ultimate gift for the meditator. Thank you so much for letting me experience these amazing infusions. The possibilities of blending with these are endless, and I can't wait to experiment more."

I am so grateful for the friend who creates these amazing infusions for us, and for the friend who so beautifully describes them!  (And that we are privileged to make them available to all of you!)

These, and other infused oils may be found in our collection of infusions, here.