Monday, May 5, 2014

What keeps us going -

We talk about loving to get feedback.  I hope you all know we love to hear what has helped you, what has worked for you.

But sometimes we see evidence of the sheer healing power of these oils and these products that takes our breath away.

Most of you have read about, and many of you have used our MERCY suite of products, shown in a lab to be effective against the MRSA bacteria.  We have positive feedback from a lot of you that it has made a difference.

We KNOW it is a powerful anti-bacterial. We have never thought of it as a powerful anti-fungal.  Perhaps we should.

Debi Rodriguez, from Wisconsin, is the nurse who sparked the idea for the MERCY products, and did the lab tests over and over as we struggled to perfect the formula.  Obviously she has been one of its biggest fans, and a lot of our success stories come from Debi.   She recommends it, and uses it, on the really hard cases.
Before MERCY - severe fungal infection

This weekend she sent me some pictures.  A young man had a fungus on his hands. The doctors had tried all the oral and topical antifungals, and nothing was helping.

The picture, above, shows what presented when Debi first saw him.   She gave the family some of our MERCY body wash and gel.The picture below was taken after five days use of the MERCY Body Wash and MERCY Treatment Gel.

Five days treatment with MERCY

I don't know any of the details on this case. The diagnosis, the age of the boy, anything.  All I know is that Debi says the lad's mother asked that we PLEASE share her results on our website so that others can be helped.

And how very grateful we all are, just to be a part of yet another person's healing journey.