Monday, December 18, 2017

Once more with feeling:

from today's email:

Are your oils ingestible?

If you INSIST on ingesting, ours are most definitely the quality you need; however please read this...

There are pages collecting adverse reactions to unwise ingestion...  permanent scarring of the esophagus,  ulceration in the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach,  liver damage, etc.

Are you being treated by someone especially trained in Aromatic Medicine (which does. upon occasion, suggest ingestion to treat a specific condition) or are you listening to a rep for a company who is selling oils?

- - - - -

(sigh.   We all know that this prospective customer would have sayed and bought if I just had responded, "yes!"

But I can't just do that.

Rowing up stream.  The myth of Sisyphus consists of a hero doomed to try rolling an immense boulder uphill.  Sometimes he made progress, but the boulder inevitably rolled back down.  I feel like Sisyphus. 


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Best Sellers

Now that the dust has settled,  I took a minute to see what you all ordered over the various Thanksgiving sales.

In reverse order:

10th place:  Lemon oil, 15 mls
9th place:    Holiday Joy  5 mls
8th place, a three way tie between:  Bergamot, TeaTree and (drumroll, please!) Our Frankincense Sampler!
7th place:   Sweet Orange, 15 mls
6th place:   O Christmas Tree  5 mls
5th place:   Lavender Mailette 15 mls
4th place:   Frankincense Sacra Black, 5 mls
3rd place:   Peppermint Hungarian Organic 15 mls
2nd place:   Lavender Bulgarian  15mls
and.. in first place:

Frankincense Sacra, Black,  15 ml   which sold in quantities almost double the lavender in number 2 place. 

Hope you all are enjoying them.  If you haven't received your order yet, the very last of the Thanksgiving orders shipped on Friday,  December 1.  My crew worked like slaves!  I think they broke all records for the number of orders shipped a week.