Friday, February 28, 2014

Fragrant February - bright & shiny room spray

Most of us are heartily sick of wintery weather.

I came across a blend I had forgotten about last night and thought that the combination of oils just felt light and lively and appropriate to summon springtime.   And PERFECT for a room spray when winter has dampened our spirits.

For those who don't do graphics:

15 drops Bergamot
15 drops Spearmint
2 fl oz Vodka (high proof is better!)
2 fl oz distilled water

One 4 ounce PET bottle with atomizer top.

The method is what is important here.  Add the essential oils to the vodka. Blend well, and top off with distilled water. Shake well, and spray to lighten and brighten the space you are in.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fragrant February - Rose Cake

Valentine's Rose Cake:

My mother's old Hot Milk Sponge Cake recipe, with a very special touch.

Butter and flour a 9 inch round cake pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Beat in 1 Cup Sugar beat until smooth and thick.
Sift together
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 dash salt
Stir into the egg mixture. Will be VERY thick.

Heat until the butter melts
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
Add the hot milk mixture to the batter, stir it QUICKLY together, (work fast here, because the hot milk will start the baking powder rising before the cake is in the pan.) Stir together quickly, pour into prepared pan and into the hot oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown and the cake tests done.

Cool upside down on a rack.  Split the cooled cake in half to make two  layers. Fill with either Raspberry Jam, the Lazy Rose Jam posted earlier, or, if you are among the really lucky ones who have some, with some Rose Petal Jam.

Sift some confectioners sugar over the top.  ENJOY!

See more aromatic recipes here:

Fragrant February - "Origins type" Salt Scrub

From an ancient newsletter:

Origins-type Salt Scrub

A friend recently shared her formula for the commercial
Origins Salt Scrub...basically it calls for one cup of Sea Salt,
1/2 cup of a mixture of rich and exotic carrier oils (you could
use whatever oils you have on hand that suit your skin type.)
The scent blend is as follows (enough for this amount of salt and
carrier oils)

10 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops orange e.o.
5 drops spearmint e.o.
3 drops rosemary e.o.

We tested the blend in the pouring room, bright and invigorating.
This would be great in a morning shower.  (You might want to do
a double batch and package it in our PET bale jars, the same ones
Origins uses for their scrub!)

(Did you know we offer FREE priority shipping on boxes of six or nine bail jars?)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Heard on TV

Last night was Jimmy Fallon's first night to host The Tonight Show.  I am a big Jimmy Fallon fan, so I taped it in case I fell asleep.   His first guest was Will Smith.  

They were talking about entertaining and business and theater... And Jimmy asked if  'any of this stuff' gets scary for you?"

Will Smith: It definitely can get scary for me, especially now, with my kids coming into the business and all. It starts to be scary. But y'know, I tell them all the time, you just keep loving people.

'the thing to remember, always, is that your art is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter, and what happens a lot when you see people fail in this business it's that they're in there for their ego and they start doing it for them,  It's like, no, you're trying to help people just get through the day, you know, and you do it really really well.

Jimmy was touched by his comments, and perhaps that explains why I always LOVED Jimmy Fallon and was delighted he is now coming on TV before I fall asleep.

But then I thought about what we do here. So many of the folks who read the messages I put out here are professionals... are in the "aromatherapy community" either as producers, or practioners, healing people with their training and the oils, or end users, improving the lives of their families and friends.

And it occurs to me that when we can remember that these oils, what we do with them, is a gift to help people's lives be better and be brighter.  When we remember that... we succeed.  and we are gifted with abundance.

And when it becomes "all about us" and all about financial reward (as opposed to abundance) then... the focus changes.  

Fragrant February - the Skunk's Visit

My daughter manages a Veterinarian's office in northern Virginia.  The local wildlife rescue group uses her vet.   Yesterday a rescued, unaltered skunk was brought in for surgery.

The skunk did what upset or frightened skunks do.   Even though no individual was directly sprayed, the aromatic effulgence entered the central heat/air system and spread throughout the building.

Everyone there wore the fragrance home.  Their hair, the pores of their skin,  their clothes,  and my daughter's  almost brand new and beloved leather jacket were all saturated.

She called last night asking for suggestions.    To clean the air, I recommended the open trays of kitty litter or baking soda we used after we had an Essential Oil explosion.  (They should have plenty of Kitty Litter.)

For getting the aroma off their skin and out of their hair, I suggested the traditional remedy for dogs who have been sprayed - tomato juice.  Sponge down with tomato juice then shower it off.

For the treasured leather jacket?  I suggested her dryer, set on the "Air" setting (no heat) a couple of big bath towels, and a damp washcloth.  She sprinkled several drops of our FreshAire synergy on the washcloth, and set the dryer to tumbling. 

This morning, she messaged me that her jacket was as good as new!  Another Fresh Aire success story.     She's going to add some FreshAire to some white vinegar to rinse the clothes worn to work over the next few days.  I'm thinking adding it to some liquid castille soap might help with the shower.

FreshAire is a blend of Organic Bergamot, Himalayan Lavender, and Organic Lemon essential oils, for those who want to blend their own.

We didn't know it would freshen up after a skunk! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fragrant February - Honey Cleanser

Was reminded of this gentle honey based cleanser from a newsletter we published well over a decade ago.

Honey gently softens and cleanses the skin. This is a mild cleanser that works well for dry skin types. It is wonderful, leaving your skin so soft and moist! Its not at all sticky and can be used as either a facial cleanser or bath gel. I fill empty honey squeeze bottles with this cleanser. Makes a nice gift.

Stir together:  
1/4 cup honey  (We buy from local beekeepers!)
1 tablespoon liquid castile soap
1/4 cup glycerine
10 drops of your favourite essential oil, depending on your skin type.  Click here for suggested essential oils for various skin types.

Mix together all ingredients and pour into a clean squeeze bottle. Remember to use non breakable containers if you are going to be using it inthe tub or shower.
Wet face, apply just a tiny bit of the blend,  lather well, rinse.

My mature skin likes Frankincense with a drop or two of Rose at night.  Pink Grapefruit makes a wonderful morning shower.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fragrant February - the way to a man's heart -

Rose Petal Infused Honey:

Fresh petals from 3 - 6 roses.
1 pound local honey (2 cups)

Place rose petals in clean, dry mason jar. Pour honey over the roses.  Stir well, make sure all petals are covered. Seal.  Leave petals in honey for at least one week, until aroma suits you.   To strain out the petals,  set jar in pan of hot water, warm until honey is softened and runny. Strain through a seive into a clean jar.

Now.  The above recipes takes a week. If you want it for Valentine's Breakfast - warm the honey until liquid, and add 2 to 4 drops Rose Otto. Stir well.  I normally find 2 drops is enough to subtly flavor and scent the honey, so the it is really "to taste."

The Rose Honey is wonderful on scones, biscuits, toast, stirred into yogurt, with fruit, or any other use your imagination comes up with.

Rose Whipped Cream:

Whip one cup of heavy cream in a chilled bowl with a chilled beater.

Stir in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Rose Hydrosol.  A grating of ground cardamom (only 1/8 tsp) is a flavorful addition.

This flavored whipped cream is wonderful as a topping for hot chocolate, puddings, the rose cake posted earlier.

For Valentine's Day I have been told there may be other uses for either Rose Honey or Rose Whipped Cream.  


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fragrant February - Carla's Blend

A classic from our archives - we REposted this in the Valentine's newsletter a decade ago:

Karla's  "It Absolutely Worked For Me, and I Am
      NOT Kidding, Great Sex and Cozy Intimacy"

          Rose Absolute (10% jojoba dilution) 6 drops
          Sandalwood 6 drops
          Black Pepper 4 drops
          Ginger CO2 2 drops
          Ylang Ylang 2 drops

      blend into 2 oz of jojoba oil--or your favorite
      massage oil.

Some other specific suggested blends, with no guarantees at all ;)

One drop Patchouli
Two drops Rose Absolute or your favorite Rose Oil
Three Drops Ylangylang Extra or Complete...   blend this into
an ounce of your favorite carrier, or add to the aromalamp for a
sultry massage or to scent a romantic boudoir.

Elizabeth Millar recommends "Love in the Clouds" for a diffuser
or aromalamp:

2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Jasmine (she doesn't specify which, in this blend I'd
reach for the Grandiflora)
2 drops Rose
2 drops Ylangylang       The Bergamot lightens the 'sultriness' of
the exotic florals in this one.  NICE!

Chrissie Wildwood has some "love potions" for both men and women in
her Perfume book.  The one that Rick is drawn to is:

4  Jasmine Sambac
7   Indonesian Patchouli
4   Ginger                                        yummmmmmm   we'll follow him anywhere ;)

Erotica: An almost hypnotic blend

2 parts Ylangylang extra
2 parts Tuberose
1 part clary sage
1 part black pepper

A sensual massage for the man in your life:

1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop ylangylang
1 drop Cardamon      added to 2 teaspoons of carrier...

note...after playing with all of these, and going mmmmmmmmmmm....

I reach for a blend of perhaps 10 drops sandalwood, and 3 to 5 drops of your favorite
Rose Oil...   add a bit to some jojoba and brush it into your hair, add to a bath, make a
strong dilution and wear as perfume... or better yet, dilute it down a lot more and give
ME a massage with it.......
Hope everyone has a lovely St. Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fragrant February - Rosy Recipes

Someone's in the kitchen with Roses:

Rose Simple Syrup:

1 cup (8 fl oz, 240 mls) Rose Hydrosol
3 cups SUGAR (24 fl oz, 720 mls) water (mistake in graphic! I will correct, but not now.)
2 - 4 drops Red food coloring (optional)

Mix together, boil for 10 minutes or until thickened into a syrup. Strain into clean glass jar or bottle and refrigerate for up to two weeks.  Serve over cut up fresh fruit, pound cake, waffles.  Add confectioners sugar to form a glaze for cake or cookies.

Strawberry Rose Sorbet:

1 pound  Frozen strawberries
3/4 Cup (6 fl oz) Rose Simple Syrup

Pulse frozen berries in food processor until chopped.  Add rose syrup, blend until smooth.  Either serve immediately, or freeze.

Lazy Rose Jam:

8 ounce jar of your favorite "red berry" jam, commercial or handmade.
1 - 2 teaspoons (5 - 10 mls) Rose Hydrosol or to taste.
Stir the rosewater into the jam, serve in a pretty jam  jar.

Rose Wine:   Simply add a teaspoon of rose hydrosol to a glass of chilled white wine.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fragrant February - Valentine's Perfume Blends

To start the week, some perfume blends, all with my favorite Rose:

Valentine's Perfume:
24 drops Bergamot FCF
12 drops Rose Absolute
6 drops Sandalwood (your choice)

add to 8 mls Jojoba in a roller ball bottle.  This blend will improve if allowed to age for week when the oils have a chance to mix and mingle, and their molecules do their magical dance. ENJOY!

Valentine's Massage Blend:
A warm, soothing and sensual couples massage blend.
4 drops Jasmine Absolute
4 drops Ylangylang Essential Oil
3 drops Rose Otto Essential Oil
4 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
2 drops Ginger Essential Oil
2 drops Nutmeg Essential Oil

Blend and add to 4 ounces of Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut, or your chosen massage oil. Remeber to warm the bottle between your hands, before massaging your partner's back, neck and shoulders.

Sensual Bath Blend:

1 drop Patchouli
3 drops Rose Absolute (may use a dilution, but increase the amount of drops.)
2 drops Bergamot.

Blend into salt, a scoop of honey, or some liquid castile, add to a warm bath. Enjoy!  

These recipes were borrowed from a delightful Kindle book - Easy and Elegant Rose Recipes.

For more recommended books and ebooks please see our Amazon Book Reviews page.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fragrant February - bath blends

In honor of Valentines Day I'd planned on posting a series of "romance" blends.  I was recently reminded that some of us are just too stressed and carrying too much tension to possibly be interested in "Romance."   Essential oils to the rescue!

I did the graphic in case you wanted to Pin it to your Pinterest board.  For those who prefer text to graphics:

Three stress relieving and aromantic baths:

Lemon Oil  3 drops
Coriander 2 drops
Nutmeg 1 drop


Bergamot 2 drops
Rose Absolute 3 drops
Nutmeg 1 drop


Neroli 4 drops
Jasmine Grandiflora 3 drops
Roman Chamomile 1 drop   (Cape Chamomile might be a wonderful option here.)

Blend any of the above into some bath salts, or a spoonful of honey or cream and swirl into a warm bath.  ENJOY

(Yes, candles and music would be a lovely addition.)

 The above blends are taken from Valerie Worwood's AROMANTICS.  I highly recommend this book. It is the best guide I have seen to using the oils for issues relating to sexuality.  Please read our full review here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fragrant February - Aphrodite

As part of our Fragrant February I thought I'd share a love potion for Valentine's Day

APHRODITE - shared by Dr. Vivian Lunny

2 drops Rose Otto (or Rose Absolute)
3 drops Frankincense (we choose the CO2 Boswellia carterii)
2 drops Ginger essential oil
3 drops Rosewood essential oil.

For use as a perfume, add the above to 1/2 ounce of your favorite carrier oil.  Or, add to 2 fluid ounces of carrier oil for use as a body oil or romantic massage oil. 

See more romantic blends on our perfumery hints page.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pomander Cleanser

A friend recently posted that ants hate this aromatic cleanser.  I know it makes my house smell wonderful, and does a great job cleaning greasy kitchen surfaces.

Pomander Cleanser:

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake to dissolve and blend the minerals. You can spray this cleaner onto a surface then leave it for 15 minutes before wiping it off, to give the essential oils antiseptic qualities time to work (makes 2 cups).

February Formulas

We have been adding a lot of graphics with information to our Facebook Page. I thought by posting them here I could give more information, and links to the oils used.

This graphic was used in last month's blog where we warned against using Clove or other strong oils with a teething baby or toddler.  The blend is wonderfully soothing.  We were asked if we offer it. No, because it is not our original blend.  But we do offer the components.  See the essential oils on our Alphabetical List of Essential Oils. The Jojoba is with our carrier oils, and the bottle, of course, with our Bottles and Jars.

Photo: For more safe and appropriate baby care suggestions:

If you have trouble reading the formula in the graphic:
  • 1 drop Lavender
  • 1 drop German Chamomile
  • 1 drop Roman Chamomile
  • 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) Jojoba.

Blend in a 15 ml bottle,massage on cheeks and jaw line to ease pain and inflammation.


2 ml Elemi
1 ml Peppermint Eucalyptus
1 ml Ginger Root

Blend, dissolve in alcohol, add to a 4 ounce PET atomizer filled with distilled water.

Use for cleaning Countertops,Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures, or as a room spray.  Bright, warming and sunshiney.

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