Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Pruritis / Itching

Pruritis is defined in the dictionary as "itching" but as a medical term it is a lot more serious...ongoing and maddening.

Debbie Lobaugh, one of our nurse/clients recently wrote (and gave me permission to share) this success story. Quoting an ongoing conversation here. Debbie had asked for suggestions regarding pruritis caused by liver cancer...this was the result she sent me.

"Hi Marge, I would be happy to have you share the information regarding the fabulous results on my client with pruritis from liver cancer. Some background information is that this woman is a retired R.N. who has worked in public health for 30 years. She was having difficulty sleeping at night due to pain and the concern that she wouldn't wake up. We started her on a lavender "M"® technique and used 5 drops of lavender on her pillow(lavendula augustifolia high alpine). This worked wonders with her sleeping and she is now off all Valium and takes half her pain medication.

This was fantastic and then we started trying different oils for her pruritis from liver cancer. What a blessing to find Camellia oil and a 2% lavender solution in the A.m. after her shower, It relieved her itching for 15 hours. She is ecstatic. I am too. If this can help anyone else I would be so thankful Have a great day. Debbie"

We love getting feedback like this...knowing that we have made a difference in people's lives. And I love the generous spirits of the healers who are so willing to share what has worked for them!

Monday, January 13, 2020

"It can't be..."

 Rachel was out of the office today so I ended up fielding the phone calls.  An interesting day.  I don't know why people insist on blocking their phone number and name when they call.

"You have Balsam Fir Essential Oil?"

Yes, Canadian, from an Organic producer.

"What does organic mean for an essential oil?"

The question rather took me aback.  "In this case it was produced by a USDA Certified Organic producer." 

"Oh.  Well,  yours can't be real."

Excuse me?  Why would you say that?

"Because [fill in the blank of your favorite multilevel marketing company] charges $78.00 for theirs, how can you sell it for $10.00????"

Because I don't have massive numbers of downlinks to pay off? 

"How do you know yours is real?"

"Because I buy it direct from the distiller, in Canada, and have upon occasion had their oils laboratory tested to make sure they were what they should be."

"Well, they can't be the real thing at that price."  Click, and she was gone

I can't help wondering if we were to quintuple the price whether we might sell more?