Friday, May 30, 2008

Ancient History (or...We've Come a Long Way, Baby!)

Some of you know that Wendy Robbins, founder of Aromaweb and I go back awhile. In the mid 90's, Aromaweb did not accept advertising. It was purely a labof of love for Wendy. One of the freedoms she had then (which, since she now has advertisers, she has lost) was to write critiques of oils that she purchased. I remember my excitement back in ... 96? 97? when an order came in from Wendy Robbins. *This was my big chance! I simply HAD to knock her dead!*

Back then, of course, there was just me. And I have never claimed to be able to put a label on straight. (Today they won't allow me in the pouring room.)

Here is a copy of her review of that order. And a picture she recently sent me.

Please keep in mind that she had already reviewed one old and respected supplier and said good things... and panned a couple of well known brands. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

"Marge Clark, owner of Nature's Gift, is an avid participant on theAromatherapy mailing list. She always appears eager to share her knowledge with others, and has even contributed the Essential Oil Details featured article on AromaWeb. What Nature's Gift sacrifices in the packaging of its oils, it makes up in the quality of the oils. What you cannot expect is attractively labeled bottles (clear,wide tape holds computer labels on the.25 ounce bottles that I received) or even a reciept (I didn't get one with my order). The oils inside these bottles, however, is where Nature's Gift really shines. I purchased two .25 ounce sizes and also received a few sample sizes. Depending on the oil tested, the quality was excellent; the quality of each oil is comparable or better than that of The XXXX XXX Company. Marge also points out in response to the issue of the clear tape is that it prevents the ink from smearing on the labels after the oil drips onto it, indeed a very common problem with oils including those from XXX, and especially those from the XXXX XXX Company."-Wendy Robbins

(I still couldn't believe that I forgot to include the invoice...that shows how nervous I was.) In spite of the well deserved criticism of the labels, etc. I was SO pleased with that review...because the products inside the bottles are what have always been important.

Lest anyone reading think that this is still what we are supplying at Nature's Gift, here's a picture of some of our current packaging. (Not, obviously, labled by me!)

I'm blessed to have talented young women
(and a very creative young man) to do
our pouring and packaging today!

Wendy and I had a wonderful time reminiscing about the old days. Hope you enjoy this 'trip down memory lane' as much as we did!

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Anne-Marie said...

Aw, what a nice story. I always love all the oils I get from you. =)