Saturday, August 2, 2008

Which essential oil diffuser is best?

For zapping germs? for combatting bacteria, virii, molds and spores, you can't beat a nebulizing diffuser. Microparticles of the oils are dispersed into the air and stay suspended for up to two hours. Disadvantage? The nebulizers tend to be noisier than other styles, and can require more maintenance than others. However for banishing germs, etc. they can't be beat.

For silence and convenience? My personal favorite is the AromaStone. This small British unit is safe, carefree and low maintenance.

It gently heats the essential oils to baby-bottle temperature. Disadvantage? It's not a powerful diffuser. It is perfect for bedside use, but not the best choice to fill a large room with aromatics.

For a child's room? the Ultrasonic nebulizer combines the function of a nebulizing diffuser with a humidifier. Perfect if you child is prone to stuffy noses, colds or ear infections. No heat is involved, so if a child does tip it over there is no danger of a burn. Disadvantage? Some people find the light distracting, and obviously if you live in a damp or humid environment adding more moisture to the air counter-productive.

For mood and ambience? The traditional aroma lamp (sometimes called a burner) is my favorite. A bowl of warm water, over a tea candle, with a few drops of your chosen oil added. Silent, attractive, and simple. Disadvantage? All the risks of a lit candle, of course, as well as the chance that you may use up all the water in the bowl before the candle burns out.

For further discussion of these and other recommended methods of diffusing please click here.


wolfsaromatics said...

I have used all of them and two or three more; the one I love is the Ultrasonic nebulizer. The old air pump nebulizer is good but you have a hard time using the thick oils in it. With the UN you can diffuse vetiver if you wanted. I have 3 of them, my oldest one is 3 years old and still works like new. The light is a pain at times and I was told when I called the company that makes them if they get a lot for feedback about it they might change it. As for the moisture it puts out, I live in Atlanta GA and we have to have the A/C on all the time for a good 7 months so the moisture is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I own the ultrasonic diffuser and I have found that it is my best choice for diffusing thick and resinous oils.

The lights are a bit overwhelming at night, but the multitude of settings makes this my primary essential oil diffuser.

Anonymous said...

What diffuser would you recommend to use in a baby's room? Quiet is a must and nice looking is another plus.

Marge said...

For a baby's room I'd choose either the aromastone, for safety, or the cool mist if you think you'll need a humidifier.

One of my Daughters in law uses an Aromastone for her two young'uns.

Anonymous said...

I have the top one, I think, bought it from here a few years ago.

HOW do you keep it clean? Every now and then an oil will clog it up - harden in there. It hasn't worked the same since. I've tried alcohol, peroxide.... What's the best to try to clear out the glass part?

Marge said...

If I've let something sit and get gunky in the glass nebulizer (high tech term there!) I soak the glass (and silicone tube...don't try removing that from the glass!) in a jar of 90% rubbing alcohol. (Keep an old canning jar on hand just for that.) Sometimes it has to soak overnight, but it does remove everything.

Seems to me that SOMEWHERE we have some 'maintenance kits' that are offered by the manufacturer... replacement tubing, and I think a "cleaner"... not sure where they are stashed; I never got around to putting them online.

Also, a lot of folks order the replacement nebulizer...but it's expensive. If the glass is clogged tho, and you can't clean it, that may be the only option.