Saturday, October 10, 2009

It *works*, it really does!

Some of you know that I was spending last weekend (the first weekend in Oct.) on a women's retreat. The dear friend I was riding out with, and rooming with, had been ill the previous week. A horrible cough, a fever, all the normal "flu or virus" signs. I knew she had been ill the previous week; we had taken her a CoolMist diffuser, some FluFoil, and some cough syrup the previous weekend. But she had gone back to work, and was, as far as I knew, better.

Early Friday afternoon she picked us up (a third friend was riding with us.) "Did you bring the diffuser and FluFoil?" "Oh, no, I forgot it."
I grabbed my nebulizing diffuser and my bottle of FloFoil, tucked them in a box for safekeeping, and off we went. By Friday night my roommate was feverish again, flushed, coughing and generally feeling crummy. I diffused FluFoil all the time that we were in the room that weekend, and used our KleenHandz during the day while the other women at the retreat were using the provided hand sanitizer.
Now, those who know me know that I have a compromized immune system; if I am exposed to something, I'll catch it. And since I have COPD, "it" will normally turn into bronchial pneumonia before I even realize I'm sick.
Somehow I managed to avoid catching whatever viral ailment my friend has battled for almost three weeks. (She, by the way, had to take Monday and Tuesday off from work, but reported on Friday that she finally is better. Whatever it is had run its course.)
Now, I have an opinion on the wisdom of attending a weekend long event when you are sick with something apparently contagious. (Everyone at her office has been passing this illness around for weeks.) I also think that the combination of sleeping with FluFoil in the air, and using our KleenHandz during the day protected me from her mystery virus.

For whatever my experience is worth...

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