Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Colorado No Product Law

Well, its proper name is The Colorado SAFE Products law.  A proposed law, claiming to outlaw cosmetics, toiletries and other products that contain cancercausing ingredients. Sounds great, right? Well, it would, if it were not based on totally "bad science".  The law as written would prevent the use of many of our favorite oils, and prevent most natural products from being sold in the State of Colorado.  For more information, please see the call to action posted this evening on the Samara Botane Blog.

For more information, see the Sagescript blog. Cindy Jones, the founder of Sagescript is BOTH a chemist (she tests our Hydrosols for contamination) and a toiletries and soap maker.

Or Donna Maria's Indie Business blog.

Or just Google "colorado safe cosmetics act"

Why does this concern me, and why should it concern you?  Because this illogical law, while purporting to protect the citizens of Colorado against dangerous carcinogens and neurotoxins in the cosmetics they purchase is "throwing the baby out with the bath water."

They give no 'minimum safe usage levels' they just list substances.  Well, Rose Otto contains traces of some of the phytochemicals they would ban. As does Holy Basil, Fennel, and a wide range of essential oils and other natural products.

If this law passes, Nature's Gift will simply stop doing business in the state of Colorado. I will regret telling our clients there that we can no longer fulfill their more Bliss Bath; no more MoonDays, no more... no more. period.

Please, if you live in Colorado, or do business in Colorado, call your state representatives and oppose this bill.  NO ONE here wants to put you, or your loved ones, at risk. We want to be able to go on supplying the same healing products we've shipped you for years.

This law will make that impossible.

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