Monday, August 30, 2010

What we already knew.

I love it when research comes out "proving" what we already know to be true.

For years I've been saying, on our website and in various forums, that Peppermint Essential Oil is stimulating, and that Ylangylang Essential Oil is relaxing.

I just recently came across some research on the cognitive effects of both essential oils, as well as their effects on mood.  Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that the smell of peppermint enhanced memory, while Ylangylang impaired memory and seemed to slow mental processing.  At the same time, tests of mood before and after the cognitive tests showed that subjectively, the peppermint increased alertness, while the ylangylang decreased awareness, but significantly increased calmness.

Not a surprise, but confirmation of what we already knew is always welcome!

The full paper is available at Pubmed as well as other online sources.


Shelly said...

Peppermint oil has helped at least one college student make it through a cram session and survive to pass a test! My oldest daughter has test anxiety and the peppermint oil nearby as she studied really helped her out. I suggested she suck on a peppermint candy during the test as well.

Thank you for sharing what you love!

Marge said...

Shelly, the sucking on a Peppermint candy during the exam is brilliant. Research has shown that using an oil while studying, then having the oil in the air during the exam really does help with recall. She should have aced the test!!! ;)

sophia said...

Yes, you are correct Marge.........