Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mystery Rose

We sometimes have mysteries.

Jim recently found a fairly significant quantity (close to 70 fl oz give or take) of what is labeled  Bulgarian Rose Oil 10%. in Jojoba, stored in one of our production refrigerators.  In the very far back of a refrigerator.


The label is initialed by the person who blended or poured the dilution.  This is standard procedure.

The initials are very clear. Either VS or JS.  We have never had a staffer with either set of initials. I searched our payroll records in case someone was here briefly and I forgot. Nope.  No VS.  no JS. (And someone only here briefly would not be blending Rose Otto.)

It is very certainly rose otto, not rose absolute.  I believe it's in Jojoba... a tiny bit heavier than the Fractionated Coconut dilutions.

I do not believe it is a 10% dilution. I believe whoever created 2 liters and an 8 ounce bottle had their math wrong.  It is MUCH stronger than any of our current rose 10% dilutions.  It may be a 15 to 20% dilution, or stronger.  It solidifies in the refrigerator. Rose Otto solidifies at cool room temperature; 10% dilutions don't.

The age is unknown..  The REASON is unknown.
I've searched our annual inventories. It was never counted in any inventory.  I've looked.  There is no earthly reason I can think of that we would blend more than 1/2 gallon of diluted Rose Otto.

I thought about using it to make Rose Bliss Bath. We would have to add at least three times the amount of jojoba to bring it down to the dilution we use.  And we won't make that much Rose Bliss Bath this decade.  We can't use it in products that call for diluted rose because the strength is so questionable. Wishing I'd had this to enrich our rose soap, back when I made soap. 

I am quite sure the Jojoba is organic. It predates the Jojoba shortage.  The rose otto may be organic; there was a time we stocked Organic Rose Otto.

Tempted?  We offer our current stash of Bulgarian Rose Otto for $65.00 for 15 mls.  Turkish Rose Otto 10% is $75 for 15 mls (1/2 ounce.)  

I believe Mystery Rose has more rose oil in it than either of the above. You may order 1 fl oz of Mystery Rose for $75.00, or an 8 ounce bottle for $525.00.  Either one is undoubtedly the BEST rose value we have ever made available.  If I think of a use for it all, I am going to keep it all for us. 

Seventy ounces of 10% dilution used 7 fl oz of Rose Otto.  I think this mystery blend used more than that.  Why? How?  Just another Nature's Gift mystery.  

If I ever finish writing the August Specials Page, the Mystery Rose blend will be featured on it.  In the meantime, if you are intrigued, it is available in our shopping cart.


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