Saturday, October 27, 2012

MERCY, please!

The many uses of MERCY -
Ruth Gilbert, from Vancouver, has been a regular client for well over a decade. She orders a LOT of our MERCY Body Wash and Treatment Gel.  She recently mentioned some of her uses for it, and agreed to write a 'guest blog' article for us discussing it.
 Several years ago I had a MRSA infection in a surgical wound and after two further surgeries and 6 months of wound healing I never wanted another so when I saw that Marge of Nature’s Gift had come up with a concoction that might help fight such infections I immediately got some. I have no idea if it has done anything to prevent or treat a MRSA infection because fortunately I have not had one. However, I have found a multitude of uses for it. 
 The first came about because I had a rash on my legs that was originally diagnosed as folliculitis—an infection of hair follicles. Thinking it was bacterial I used the Mercy soap to wash it and the Mercy gel on it several tunes every day. It was ferociously itchy so I added some extra lavender, German Chamomile and helichrysum oils. It didn’t make the rash go away but it did help with the itch. It turned out not to be a bacterial infection but an autoimmune rash called lichen planus which has no cure. The worst thing you can do is scratch the rash because then it spreads, but you really want to tear your skin off. They prescribed a cortisone cream for the itch which had side effects and wasn’t nearly as effective as the MERCY gel plus oils which was extremely good at bringing down the itch and inflammation. 
 Now it is my go to concoction for any skin itches or irritations including insect bites and heat rashes. When I began having trouble with hemorrhoids I added some cypress needle oil and kept some cotton pads nearby for application. I found it both immediately soothing (though it does sting some) and very healing.
I also have an ailment called interstitial cystitis which is a non infectious bladder inflammation problem. When you have IC you really need to avoid urinary tract infections and you tend to get them frequently. So I began to wash my genitals in the shower with the mercy shower soap every time I showered. This radically reduced any uti’s and had the added advantage of keeping down yeast infection as well. We also use it to clean our bottoms to help with both hemorrhoids and any pain or irritation from acid burn. These are what I have discovered so far but of course, I will continue to experiment in the future.
Ruth Gilbert
We really thank Ruth for sharing her experience. And I am reminded that several nurses have mentioned that using MERCY liquid soap does seem to reduce the number and severity of UTI's among their clients.  

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