Saturday, April 6, 2013

Diluting a Dilution

Someone asked today about using one of our 10% dilutions for an after shower moisturizer.

I cautioned her that that was much too strong to use all over...the 10% dilutions are safe for 'perfume'
type use, dabbing on your pulse points, but need further diluting for most other uses.

She asked how much carrier to bring it down to a safe dilution, and I realized we did not have a chart for further diluting a 10%.  SO, if you find this information useful you might want to bookmark this specific blog article.

We are going to assume that you are working with a 15 ml bottle  of any 10% dilution we offer.

15 mls of a 10% dilution contains 1.5 ml  essential oil or absolute, and 13.5 mls carrier oil, for a total of 15 mls.

To add your favorite carrier oil to further dilute the full bottle of 10%... you have to remember that the bottle you are working with already contains 13.5 mls of either fractionated coconut or jojoba.

If you add another full 15 mls (1/2 oz) of carrier oil you will have one full ounce of a 5% dilution.

Add 22 mls of carrier oil to the 15 mls of dilution and you will have a 4% dilution.

28 mls of your favorite carrier will give you a 3.5% dilution.

35 mls of carrier will yield a 3% dilution.

45 mls  of carrier will give you a 2.5% dilution.

60 mls of carrier will give a 2% dilution. This is a wonderful dilution for a relaxing or sensuous massage.

80 mls of carrier will give you a 1.5% dilution.  I like this for skincare, either for an all over moisturizer, or for delicate facial skin.

120 mls (a four ounce bottle) will give you a 1.1% dilution...ideal for babies, for for subtle energy work. 

Using a 5 ml dilution or one of our 5 ml Anointing oils:

If you start with a 5 ml bottle of a 10% dilution you will be working with 0.5 ml (1/2 of one ml) and 4.5 mls of carrier oil.  Again, this is too strong for anything but application to the pulse points for perfume.  To the 5 ml of 10% dilution add:

5 mls of carrier to reach a 5% dilution.
10 mls of carrier to reach a 3.3% dilution.
15 mls of carrier will give you a 2.5% dilution.
20 mls of carrier gives you a 2% dilution
and 45 mls of carrier will give you 1% dilution.

Remember:  5 mls = one measuring teaspoonful; 15 mls = 1/2 fl oz = 1 measuring tablespoonful.
30 mls = 1 fluid ounce.

Thank goodness for Spread Sheets!

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