Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Exploration of Roses

My new friend, author and perfumista, J R Lankford, after writing such a lovely review of some of our Jasmines, has decided to explore Rose perfumes.  Before launching out into the world of perfumery, she decided first to explore them "in nascent form, i.e, as rose otto (i.e., rose oil or rose attar obtained thru steam distillation) or rose absolute (from extraction)."

We are honored to have her choose our Bouquet of Roses for her exploration. 

Do I agree with all of her comments?  No.  I love our Rose de Mai, and it wasn't her favorite.  Such is the extreme subjectivity of the aromatics we both love.  But her blog article is delightful and insightful.  You may read it here

Rosa centifolia from the rose fields of Grasse. My beloved Rose de Mai

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J R Lankford said...

Hi, Marge, I must have commented too briefly. I did love all your roses, including Rose de Mai. I just liked the Bulgarian otto best. Thanks for linking to my article, but especially for making these wonderful wildcrafted, organic oils available.