Monday, October 13, 2014

Missing the Quick List?

Over and over again our old friends have emailed "I love the new site, but I miss the alphabetical list"

That quick table that didn't tell you much about the oils, except the latin name, the country, and the PRICES.  We miss it too.  Someone will have a quick question about pricing, or "does this oil come in that size" and I need my quick list.

So we went back to the team.  It's not exactly the old table that was on the old site, but it will let you list the oils alphabetically and show the RETAIL sizes and prices.  (We chose not to include bulk sizes and pricing in this list, for reasons of space.  Some day we may do a bulk list. Not right now!)

To access the alphabetical "quick list"  from the home page, click on Aromatherapy Products.  On the drop down menu click Essential Oils and you will see the menu above. Either go the the alphabetical section or group that you want to read about, or click on the Essential Oil Quick List for the full alphabetical listing with retail sizes and pricing.

We are moving right along!


Anonymous said...

Is your site having a glitch?

Marge said...

of course... a few hours after I published this blog, and announced the 'quick list' with a BOOSTED post on FB..the site went down..has been down for several hours. I am not pleased.