Sunday, January 31, 2016


If you follow us on Facebook you will have seen a long list of enthusiastic posts on the Nature's Gift page about Uncommon Scents. Why? What IS this?

In the words of one of the creators:

Uncommon Scents explores aromatherapy through interviews with a full spectrum of experts who
hold the industry to its highest standards. The film's producers have invited esteemed growers, distillers, chemists, suppliers, educators, scholars, and practitioners from around the world to share their unique insights. Experts will explore fundamentals (including what essential oils are, where they come from, how they've historically been employed), discuss best practices (safety, education, interfaces), and weigh-in on key challenges facing the industry (including sustainability, purity/adulteration, and monetization). The film celebrates natural aromatics and the global aromatherapy community; Uncommon Scents endeavors to deepen dialogues around the use of essential oils, aromatherapy, and aromatic medicine and elevate the stakeholders in aromatherapy's future, including nature herself.

How did I get involved?  I was misled!   In October, while I was planning for the first half of Mark Webb's Aromatic Medicine Course,  Mark said "I'd like to have a question and answer panel some evening, and would like you to be part of it." Since Mark and two of my other mentors were the panel I felt a bit out ranked. I wanted to ask, not answer, questions. But Mark urged, and I said yes.

Midday, the day of the panel, Mark told the class that the panel was being filmed, to be part of a trailer for a proposed documentary about Aromatherapy. Mark said "film" and I tried to resign on the spot. NONONONnononono. I don't LIKE cameras! I was over-ruled. However, the panel was a wonderful experience.  I was silent throughout most of it, until Kristina addressed a question about safety to me.  She had to cut most of my answer for brevity, but the soul of it made the trailer. The current trailer is available here. I love Gabriel's statement, and I guarantee Robert will make you laugh!  The first trailer, made the night of that forum, may be viewed in the gallery, at this link: 
If for some reason that link takes you to the main page of the fundraiser, just click on the Gallery tab to view the earlier trailor and other announcements.

During that weekend in Georgia, Mark Webb and the students in his class raised the total cost to produce the first trailer, to start an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the movie.

Our dream? To have an award winning quality documentary explaining who we are and what we do. Where these oils that we love come from and the power to heal that they give us.

When the original trailer was first released, of course we shared it on Facebook.  Kristina shared the following: "Thank you so much for your support, Marge--and for your contribution to both the campaign and the panel in Atlanta! The source of your quote in the video had to be narrowed down to fit in the time frame, but it is the WHOLE of what you said that captured our hearts: "Anything that is powerful enough to heal--and these oils are--is powerful enough to harm. You treat them with respect and they enrich our lives... It's that simple."

I am asking you, if you care about the healing art of aromatherapy, if these amazing oils have enriched YOUR life, to view the trailers at the links above, and to contribute to the production costs.  There are a wide range of rewards for those donating on different levels.  More than the concrete "perks" and rewards is the knowledge that you will have contributed in a meaningful way to our community.  (The perks will be fun too!  come peek at a perk!)  We need to raise (holding my breath) $60,000. We are more than 1/3 of the way there.  Help us reach the goal.  And when you donate.... Please leave a note here, or on our Facebook page. I would love to see that the Nature's Gift community cares! 

Thank you.

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