Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby Bottom Balm

Michelle has been making our BBB for us for years now. And of course using it on her own family.
She reminded me of an old shot with Ollie.. who loved the feel of it.  (We never experiment on animals, just on ourselves and our families!)

Whenever we change a product there is apt to be someone who loved the original and is surprised to see a change, so, fair warning:

We have been making our Baby Bottom Balm available for well over a decade, perhaps closer to two. And never a change in the formula.   But it used our refined Shea Butter. White as the driven snow, hard to the touch.   And, in our experience and those of some of our clients, not as rich or healing as our Traditional (unrefined) Shea Butter.

Dilemma.  Finally I asked Michelle to make a smaller, test batch, using our traditional Shea.  (Which we used to call "Traditional GOLDEN Shea" but this years batch came out more cream than gold!)  And it produced a lovely beautiful creamy balm.

Do you remember your color circle from Elementary school art classes?  "Blue and Yellow make Green."

This year's Baby Bottom Balm,  rather than being the ice blue of years past, is a softly tinted olivish green.   If you are expecting "Ice Blue" you will be surprised.   Spread a bit on your hand, and I think you'll be delighted.

Another change.  We have always added a smidge of Corn Starch, for a soft, powdery, non-greasy finish.  But Corn Starch can feed yeast. And some diaper rashes are caused by yeast. (The really red angry ones are apt to be yeast.)

So we substituted ArrowRoot powder for the Corn Starch.  Same soft powdery finish, and nothing to feed those nasty yeasties.

Michelle took some 'scrapings' home to experiment with.  Her next day comments: "After my shower last night, I slathered my feet with it, and pulled on some socks to sleep in. When I woke up this morning, I had happy toes.  All the dead dry skin was nice and soft. I definitely give it two toes up!"

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