Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arnica - Arthritis?? and other research

Just came across a study that compares the topical use of an Arnica gel to the internal use of Ibuprofen in treating osteoarthritis.

According to the published study,  which focused on patients with osteoarthritis in the hand, the applied arnica gel was as effective as oral Ibuprofen in decreasing pain and increasing mobility.

I have never tried diluting our Arnica CO2 in Aloe Vera gel.  However I can speak personally for the effectiveness of our Arnica Infused Oil (in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil) for pain relief.

Germany's Commission E has approved arnica for external use in treating injury and effects of accidents, inflammation of the mouth and throat area, and insect bites. It is DEFINITELY unsafe for internal use.

Arnica montana blossoms

Christi just came across this fascinating review while seeking something else.   A review of the literature researching 59 commercially available essential oils and their components against common skin infections, both bacterial and fungal.  A researchers dream, or a rabbit hole to disappear into since there are 88 references one can follow up! (Some apply to more than one oil, I want to start with #31!)

Roses!  For pain relief?  It would appear so.  This study indicates that inhaled Rose Oil was effective at reducing pain for burn patients after having their dressings changed. 
Rose harvest heading for the still.
Lemon Oil?  For nausea and vomiting?  Who knew?  Read the study here.

Neroli (and I wonder, perhaps Petitgrain) for menopausal issues.

All these research studies were posted on our Facebook Page. Worth following for up to the minute news.


youneekone said...

Interesting! Do you know what type of Arnica the German Commission E has approved for internal use? The gel? A diluted essential oil?

Marge said...

NOT the Gel or the CO2 extract,never to be used internally.. probably a homeopathic remedy.

Dana MacPherson said...

I have used homeopathic sublingual pellets of Arnica to treat/prevent bruising. I have no idea how it stands up next to CO2 or gel!